Diretor da Bitx.bet se mostra entusiasmado com a parceria
Imagem: Guarani Futebol Clube / Divulgação

Guarani, a traditional Brazilian club, officially announced a strategic partnership with the renowned bookmaker Bitx.bet.

The master sponsorship agreement is valid until the end of 2024. There is also the possibility of automatic extension, which promises to boost Bugre’s financial resources.

is full of bonuses for the club

“We are very happy to conclude this partnership. This agreement is very significant and advantageous for our brand, which has become increasingly stronger”, celebrated André Marconatto, president of Guarani.

“The credibility and transparency of our management have sent a very clear message to the market, it is no surprise that we have completed another sponsorship that will certainly boost us financially”, he added.

The contract not only consolidates a commercial relationship, but also offers bonuses to the club in the event of sporting achievements, encouraging Guarani’s sporting performance.

Adriano Hintze, from the Board of Directors and responsible for Guarani’s Marketing Department, highlighted the strategic importance of the partnership with Bitx.bet.

“We have been working hard with the market, always looking for companies aligned with our purpose. We are very happy to close with another great partner, so that together we can grow even more, having a great season”, he stated.

Bitx.bet director is excited about the agreement with Guarani

Thus, the Director of Bitx.bet, Franco, also expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with the Campinas football team.

“It is with great honor and enthusiasm that Bitx becomes the sponsor of Guarani. We are excited to be part of this exciting journey with such an illustrious club.”

“Football is a passion that unites communities, and we are committed to supporting Guarani in all its achievements. May this partnership be full of success and glory. We look forward to an exciting season together. Let’s go towards victory!”