Octagon Latam, campaigning for Betfair, outlines a unique narrative in its latest action. In other words, creating an alternative reality devoid of the legendary “Phenomenon” Ronaldo Nazário.

The initiative seeks to highlight the vast universe of possibilities and benefits offered by the renowned betting company.

Imagine a football world without the strong presence of the “Phenomenon”.

After transporting its ambassador, Ronaldo Nazário, to a multiverse where his professional choices were different, Betfair now presents a fascinating plot, immersing a fan in the spotlight as the only one to remember the renowned Brazilian striker.

Betfair portrays a world without Ronaldo

The video portrays the moment in which Ronaldo invites a bettor participating in the Betfair Advantages Club to spend a day at his residence.

Surprisingly, a blackout triggers his immersion in a multiverse where the player is not recognized, and his victorious career is forgotten — a world that has never experienced the joy of witnessing the Phenomenon’s talent on the field.

In the plot, the client conducts research on Ronaldo in the 2002 World Cup, however, she does not find any trace of information about the renowned striker. Fortunately, to the relief of us all, this surreal journey turns out to be a mere daydream.

By exploring this parallel universe, Betfair highlights not only the importance of the “Phenomenon” in the sporting scene, but also highlights the countless opportunities and advantages available to its members.

Betfair creates RonaldoVerso a parallel universe without Ronaldo Fenômeno

About the bookmaker

One of the largest online sports betting providers in the world, Betfair is an official sponsor of the Cruzeiro team.

Founded in London (ING) in 2000, the company pioneered offering peer-to-peer betting (Betfair Exchange) and managing a complete suite of sports bets.

In addition to entertainment events and online gaming products for more than four million customers over the age of 18 around the world.

Thanks to its technology, the platform currently offers a catalog of products that allows you to bet with your own odds and odds offered by other users.

Betfair is licensed to operate online betting and other games in 19 countries, including Spain, Italy, Malta and Great Britain.