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In 2023, AFFILKA by SOFTSWISS significantly increased its reach, welcoming 120 new brands to its partner network, now exceeding 320 brands.

In addition, nearly 100,000 new affiliate accounts were registered during the same period, representing a 176% increase from the previous year.

New Affiliate Accounts & New Players

The number of new affiliate accounts registered in 2023 represents 43.5% of the total registrations since the platform’s inception in 2018.

Thus, the increase in new affiliate accounts has led to a notable acceleration in new player registrations, surpassing 24 million last year.

But compared to 2022, this metric has increased by around 2.4 times, highlighting the impact of effective affiliate management on success in the iGaming landscape.

In 2023, the number of unique clicks on referral links with AFFILKA by SOFTSWISS increased considerably, jumping 4.4 times compared to 2022.

This growth can be credited to the expansion of the affiliate partner network and the enhanced capabilities of the brands using AFFILKA by SOFTSWISS.

In the financial analysis of AFFILKA by SOFTSWISS, a remarkable growth in the last year is evident. In particular, the player’s deposit amount increased by 2.4 times, gross affiliate revenue almost doubled, and payouts increased by 70%.

Anastasia Borovaya, Director of AFFILKA by SOFTSWISS, commented: “Our recent performance boost can be attributed to our robust referral infrastructure, which ensures a smooth traffic flow that converts into higher player deposit amounts.”

We’re seeing an increase in partner payouts because we’ve refined the commission builder, allowing for more flexibility and personalized management of partner rewards.”

91% of people show satisfaction with the product AFFILKA by SOFTSWISS

Anastasia Borovaya continued: “We consistently invest in innovation and enhancing the user experience in affiliate marketing, recognising their crucial role in iGaming.”

“Our mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive affiliate marketing software solution that is vital to their operations. We prioritize exceptional service to attract new customers and ensure their continued loyalty.”

Then, in the last quarter of 2023, the world’s leading agency, Kantar, conducted a customer satisfaction survey for AFFILKA by SOFTSWISS. The average score obtained was 8.1 out of 10, with 91% of respondents expressing satisfaction with the product.

In addition, the satisfaction score of the account managers was also high, 9.1 out of 10, with 97% of customers expressing satisfaction with the quality of work provided by AFFILKA’s account managers.