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Sports betting websites are at the heart of the master sponsorships of the main clubs in Serie A, B and C of the Brazilian Championship. Thus, they are representing a staggering 68% of the total. The information is from GE.

Among the 60 clubs, 39 have betting sites as master sponsors. In this sense, a significant number when compared to the 15% represented by banks, which occupy the second position in the list of sponsors.

The remarkable presence of these sites is remarkable, stamping the shirts of clubs with great fans, such as Flamengo and Corinthians.

In addition to betting sites and banks, the list of main sponsors includes companies from various sectors, such as tires, energy drinks, food, real estate, home appliances, credit, and music.

The highlight goes to Corinthians, which announced a master sponsorship agreement with VaideBet in the expressive amount of R$ 370 million, valid for three seasons, consolidating betting sites as leaders in this aspect.

Top Betting Sites and Sponsors of Serie A Clubs

One of the main focuses of betting companies is the clubs in the Serie A of the Brasileirão. So, check out the list of clubs and their sponsors:

  1. Athletico-PR: Esportes da Sorte (betting website)
  2. Atlético-GO: Blaze (betting website)
  3. Atlético-MG: Betano (betting website)
  4. Bahia: Esportes da Sorte (betting website)
  5. Botafogo: Parimatch (betting website)
  6. Bragantino: RedBull (energy drink)
  7. Corinthians: Vai de Bet (betting website)
  8. Criciúma: Estrelabet (betting website)
  9. Cruzeiro: Betfair (betting website)
  10. Cuiabá: Drebor (tire company)
  11. Flamengo: Pixbet (betting website)
  12. Fluminense: Betano (betting website)
  13. Fortaleza: Novibet (betting website)
  14. Grêmio: Banrisul (bank)
  15. Internacional: Banrisul (bank)
  16. Juventude: Stake (betting website)
  17. Palmeiras: Crefisa (credit company)
  18. São Paulo: Superbet (betting website)
  19. Vasco: no master sponsor
  20. Vitória: Betsat (betting website)
Betting website Betsat Vitória
Photo: Official Twitter Vitória

Sponsorship in other divisions of the Brasileirão

Although the visibility is much greater in the elite of Brazilian football, betting companies also strengthen their brands in other divisions of the competition.

Relegated for the first time, Santos can make an exchange between companies in the betting sector. Therefore, Blaze is at risk of being replaced by Parimatch.

Series B:

  1. Amazonas: Realsbet (betting website)
  2. América-MG: Estrelabet (betting website)
  3. Avaí: Pixbet (betting website)
  4. Botafogo-SP: Estrelabet (betting website)
  5. Brusque: Havan (department store)
  6. Ceará: Estrelabet (betting website)
  7. Chapecoense: Aurora (food company)
  8. Coritiba: Realsbet (betting website)
  9. CRB: Estrelabet (betting website)
  10. Goiás: Betesporte (betting website)
  11. Guarani: Bitxbet (betting website)
  12. Ituano: Bet7k (betting website)
  13. Mirassol: Bet7k (betting website)
  14. Novorizontino: Bet7k (betting website)
  15. Operário-PR: Bet7k (betting website)
  16. Paysandu: Banpará (bank)
  17. Ponte Preta: Estrelabet (betting website)
  18. Santos: Blaze (betting website)
  19. Sport: Betvip (betting website)
  20. Vila Nova: Betesporte (betting website)

Series C:

  1. ABC: Esportes da Sorte (betting website)
  2. Aparecidense: no master sponsor
  3. Athletic Club: Bet7K (betting website)
  4. BotafogoPB: TV Bet (betting website)
  5. Caxias: Banrisul (bank)
  6. Confiança: Banese (bank)
  7. CSA: Pagbet (betting website)
  8. Ferroviária: Betnacional (betting website)
  9. Ferroviário: Zenir (furniture and appliances store)
  10. Figueirense: Aposta Ganha (betting website)
  11. Floresta: no master sponsor
  12. Londrina: Agroplay (music agency)
  13. Náutico: Betnacional (betting website)
  14. Remo: Banpará (bank)
  15. Sampaio Corrêa: Pagbet (betting website)
  16. São Bernardo: Magnum Bank (bank)
  17. São José-RS: Banrisul (bank)
  18. Tombense: no master sponsor
  19. Volta Redonda: Betspeed (betting website)
  20. Ypiranga-RS: Banrisul (bank)