Foto: Divulgação/ Athletico PR

Ecuadorian midfielder Bryan García is now under the weight of a significant punishment from FIFA. His career is going through a critical moment after the corruption scandal that emerged in Brazilian football.

At Atlético Paranaense, Bryan García found himself at the center of a match-fixing scheme discovered in May.

The conviction was quick and severe, with the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) applying a one-year suspension and a fine of 6,200 dollars, around R$30,500 at the current rate.

Repercussions of the scandal beyond national borders

Independiente del Valle, his original club, tried to overcome the situation by reinstating him for future competitions. However, FIFA‘s attitude was inflexible.

The world football governing body has expanded the ban to cover all professional football competitions until the end of July 2024.

At 22 years old, Bryan García faces a reality in which he will not be able to participate in any professional football activity anywhere in the world.

Fighting corruption in sport

The case came to light with Bryan García confessing to having been paid to deliberately induce a yellow card during a match against Fluminense in September 2022.

This admission, although it mitigated his initial punishment, did not prevent FIFA’s strict ruling.

Unconditional support during difficult times

Despite this, Independiente del Valle promised full support to Bryan García during this forced break in his career.

The institution also highlighted the importance of educating players about the seriousness and consequences of corruption in sport.

The severity of the measures taken by FIFA against Bryan García highlights the organization’s commitment to maintaining integrity on the field.

This case also highlights the need for stronger educational policies to warn players about the risks and legal consequences involved in manipulating sports results.