Fórum de Turismo aponta como cassinos e bingo podem potencializar o turismo do Paraná

he 5th Metropolitan Tourism Forum was organized by ADETUR Rotas do Pinhão, chaired by Eros Tozetto, in partnership with the City Hall and Tourism Institute of Curitiba and supported by the Tourism Secretariat of the State of Paraná, on October 31st. The event highlighted the potential for the installation of casinos and bingos in the near future.

The forum took place in the cultural space “Capela Santa Maria”, with 215 public and private authorities present, with the main theme “DTI – Smart Tourist Destinations”.

The initiative featured lectures and panels on the tourism potential in the Capital and Metropolitan Region, addressing strategic issues of integration of hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, MICE, with technology, sustainability, public policies, attracting investments and opportunities to from the approval of the gaming and casino law.

The opening lecture was by Bruno Omori, President of IDT-CEMA, who introduced the meaning, development and international success stories of “Smart Tourist Destinations”.

The concept of which was defined by the “Sociedad Mercantil Estatal para la Gestión de la Innovación y las Tecnologías Turísticas, S.A.M.P (SEGITTUR) of Spain”, in 2013, as “an innovative tourist space, accessible to all, consolidated on a cutting-edge technological infrastructure that guarantees the sustainable development of the territory, which facilitates visitor interaction and integration with the surroundings and increases the quality of their experience at the destination and the quality of life of residents”.

Tourism Forum highlights how casinos and bingo can boost tourism in Paraná - idt cema

Omori, brought to light the constant demand to create a synergy between the tourist trade, government and population with integrated strategic planning and actions focused on sustainable results (economic, social and environmental).

Presented projections for the growth of Exports and GDP of world tourism. He closed the presentation with the opportunities for Paraná with the approval of the Games and Casinos in Brazil, especially to develop the DTI in all tourist regions, with an Integrated Casino Resort, two Tourist Casinos and Bingos enhancing the destinations, bringing national investments and international markets, creating new demands for employment and income for the population, and strengthening tourism in Paraná.

IDT-CEMA technical visits were carried out with ADETUR Rotas do Pinhão, at strategic tourism points in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, especially to the Campo Mago Ecological Park, with a strategic transformation project into a Theme Park, Hotel Resort, Convention Center, Space of Shows and with the approval of the Games legislation with the potential to implement a physical modality.

Bingo casinos Curitiba Tourism Forum

Hearings and meetings were held between IDT-CEMA Bruno Omori, ADETUR Rotas do Pinhão Eros Tozetto, Marcio Assad and Simone Nunes, with the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Paraná, Deputy Marcio Nunes, and Directors of SETUR-PR Fabio Skraba, Deise Bezerra, Geraldo Cruz and Ronnie Onofre.

Secretary Marcio Nunes highlighted the investments in promoting and structuring tourism in PR, and highlighted that in addition to Foz do Iguaçu, the main tourist destination, especially Curitiba, it has great economic and strategic potential to install an Integrated Casino Resort or Tourist Casino, creating synergies between public policies, businesspeople and investors from the State, Brazil and internationally.

The agenda was completed with an audience between IDT-CEMA, ADETUR Rotas do Pinhão and President Tatiana Turra of the Curitiba Tourism Institute (municipal tourism secretariat).

The agenda discussed the growth in hotel occupancy, including on weekends, strategic actions to be the reference city for DTI in Brazil, and the potential for installing a Casino modality in Curitiba, as well as Bingos, strengthening the potential tourism of the city and metropolitan region, highlighted President Tatiana.