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With the growing popularity of iGaming in Latin America (LATAM), operators are increasingly excited and immersed in this dynamic industry.

The iGaming sector in Latin America offers numerous opportunities and challenges due to its dynamic mix of technology, entertainment and regulatory evolution.

Let’s explore the booming iGaming industry in Latin America.

Market potential and growth

The iGaming industry in Latin America is experiencing exponential growth, driven by the increasing expansion of the Internet, the accessibility of smartphones and the evolution of consumer preferences.

The region presents immense potential for operators and investors looking to capitalize on this lucrative market.

Mobile devices dominate the iGaming landscape in Latin America, constituting 76% of total online revenue.

This shows the region’s penchant for convenience and affordability, as gamers increasingly look for options that suit their dynamic lifestyles.

Furthermore, eSports and live betting have revolutionized the iGaming landscape, satisfying the diverse preferences of sports fans in Latin America.

Evolving markets with great potential

Brazil, Argentina and Peru are the protagonists in the growth of iGaming in Latin America. Brazil, with its vast population and fervent love of football, presents a monumental market ready to be explored.

Recent regulatory changes pave the way for the privatization of sports betting and state-owned lotteries, signaling interesting opportunities for operators.

Argentina, helped by its recent World Cup victory and the growth of the online gaming sector, has a promising market trajectory.

With an estimated market value of US$1.83 billion by 2027, the Argentine iGaming market is poised for substantial growth, driven by its passionate sports culture and evolving regulatory framework.

Peru, with its constant economic growth, appears as a promising market for iGaming operators.

Sporting events such as football and volleyball increase the demand for sports betting, while the increase in internet use drives the growth of the online gambling sector.