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The WA.Technology, a fast-growing leader in the iGaming industry known for its innovative, flexible, and customized platform solutions, has partnered with Fans United, a renowned provider of fan engagement solutions.

This partnership marks an exciting development in the evolution of WA’s specialty fantasy brand. Technology – WA.Fantasy.

With Fans United’s expertise in fan engagement, this partnership sets a new benchmark in the fantasy gaming user experience.

WA.Technology will have more fantasy games on offer

Fans United’s unique engagement features will offer a range of interactive elements, such as prediction games, trivia, and player ratings, enhancing the overall betting experience for WA.Fantasy customers’ players, significantly increasing player acquisition, engagement, and retention for customers.

“We’re delighted to partner with Fans United, which is by far the best engagement and gamification platform I’ve ever seen,” said Paolo Bazzocchi, CIO at WA.Technology.

“Our operators will be able to create compelling propositions to entertain their current customers and attract new ones. Therefore, I believe that this can be a game-changer in the sector,” he added.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology, shared his enthusiasm. “By partnering with Fans United, WA. Technology demonstrates our commitment to delivering better fan engagement solutions to our customers through our WA solution. Fantasy.”

“This strategic alliance allows us to enhance and broaden our fantasy offerings, ensuring that our customers and their end users can access the latest and most innovative technology for an existing user experience.”

“We are thrilled to partner with WA. Technology to expand our reach in the betting industry,” said Stilian Shishkov, CEO of Fans United.

“First-party data from highly engaged users is critical to any successful digital business today.

Therefore, this collaboration will allow betting operators to take advantage of our advanced fan engagement platform. So, this will offer users a dynamic and immersive sports betting experience.

We look forward to working closely with WA. Technology to offer unmatched solutions to our mutual customers.”

About Fans United

With its full spectrum of iGaming products and solutions and expertly managed services, WA.Technology is committed to offering original and ingenious solutions and tailor-made products in all its verticals.

The collaboration with Fans United will give more power and value to the WA.Technology experience. Comprehensive and fully customizable iGaming brands will be offered, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Therefore, the partnership with Fans United is a testament to WA’s continuous effort. Technology to remain at the forefront of iGaming development. So, with Fans United’s engagement solutions, WA. Technology is ready to offer its customers an unparalleled fantasy experience.

Fans United is a leading provider of fan engagement solutions designed to revolutionize the sports and entertainment industry.

Their platform offers a wide range of interactive features that allow businesses to connect with their fans on a deeper level.