BiS Festival 2024 levará o mundo iGaming para a Cidade Maravilhosa

The Brazilian iGaming community will have a meeting scheduled to officially kick off in 2024. The BiS Festival 2024 will take place on March 5, starting at 8 pm (Brasília time) in a spectacular setting.

Participants will be able to enjoy the best view of Rio de Janeiro, at Parque do Bondinho. The intention of the event is to combine fun and networking opportunities in a celebration with the incomparable Brazilian way.

In addition, the party will offer the best and most comprehensive networking between the leaders, representatives, and personalities of the Brazilian gaming and sports betting industry. In other words, a night filled with great moments.

To create the ideal environment in Rio de Janeiro, the BiS Festival 2024 program includes a concert by renowned country singer Zezé di Camargo, a samba circle and a space dedicated to Brazilian funk with a DJ presentation.

The festival will also have a social aspect, as all profits will be donated to support charitable actions and projects.

Sponsorship quotas for BiS Festival 2024

In a privileged place in the Marvelous City, the main representatives of the Brazilian market will be able to take the opportunity to add even more value to their respective businesses.

With this in mind, BiS Festival 2024 offers sponsorship quotas with a number of benefits:

·         Space for Instagram

·         Distribution of Flamengo Shirts for the 2024 season;

·         Logo on all the other totems.

·         Entrance Porch

·         Logo on 1 unique external totem;

In the Amphitheater:

·         Insertion of 15 seconds before and intervals of the shows;

·         Mention made by the presenter;

·         Premium tickets;

·         Access to the exclusive cabin.

2024 promises to be a historic milestone for the Brazilian betting industry

BiS Festival 2024 couldn’t happen at a more propitious time for the iGaming market. The Brazilian sports betting and online gaming industry is just a few steps away from implementing the regulation.

Approved by the National Congress in December 2023, the specific legislation for the activity is beginning to enter its final stage, representing a milestone for all involved.

Therefore, there is nothing better than starting such a relevant year in contact with the main figures and decision-makers in the sector in the country.