Allwyn has agreed to acquire the Camelot Lottery Solutions group of companies (Camelot LS Group), which is currently owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board. Chicago-based Camelot LS Group operates the Illinois Lottery under a private management agreement through its Camelot Illinois operating company.

In addition, the company has partnered with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery to enhance its operations and include a technology arm that provides products and services to lotteries and their players across Europe and North America. Allwyn noted that there are no planned changes to Camelot LS Group’s leadership team following the transaction.

“We remain committed to serving our customers by engaging players and increasing lottery revenue to benefit the communities they serve,” said Wayne Pickup, Chief Executive of Camelot LS Group.

“As the private manager of the Illinois Lottery, we work closely with the Department of the Lottery to drive responsible and sustainable growth to maximize revenue in the State of Illinois. The combined resources, experience and talent of Allwyn and Camelot LS Group will strengthen the results we’ve helped the State of Illinois and all of our clients achieve,” added Wayne.

Upon completion of the transaction, the Camelot LS Group companies will become wholly owned subsidiaries of Allwyn, with completion of the purchase expected in the first quarter of 2023.

Robert Chvátal, CEO of Allwyn, said: “We have always considered the US market to be an important part of Allwyn’s future growth story, and the acquisition of Camelot LS Group is the right step.”

“Allwyn’s goal is to build better lotteries, and help them raise more revenue for good causes, through innovation, technology, efficiency and security in our quest for greater player engagement. Both Allwyn and Camelot share a passion for the lottery business, delivering value to our customers and increasing lottery returns to communities”, concluded the executive.

In March 2022, Allwyn gained a license to operate the UK National Lottery, after 28 years in which Camelot was responsible for this service.