Comissão do Senado aprova projeto que dobra atuais penas para manipulação no esporte
Foto: Edilson Rodrigues/Agência Senado

The Sports Commission (CEsp) approved this Wednesday (4) a project that doubles the current prison sentences provided for in the General Sports Law (LGE – Law 14,597, of 2023) for anyone involved in manipulation in sport.

The analysis of PL 2,667/2023, by senator Jorge Kajuru (PSB-GO), now goes to the Constitution and Justice Commission (CAE).

The LGE currently provides for between two and six years of imprisonment for anyone who gives, promises, requests or accepts a financial or non-material advantage for any act or omission intended to alter or falsify the result of a sporting competition, lottery or even a betting site. The same penalty is provided for anyone who commits or contributes to fraud.

As the project doubles the penalty, the punishment ranges from 4 to 12 years in prison for those who commit the crimes, in addition to the fine to be determined in the judicial process.

The rapporteur was the president of CEsp, senator Romário (PL-RJ), for whom the manipulation of results hurts the essence of sport.

“The manipulation of results to obtain advantages in betting and gambling is hateful. This takes away the credibility of the sport, causing a gradual loss of interest and devaluation not only economically, but especially morally.”

“There is enormous outrage every time we hear of cases involving the manipulation of results. Manipulations and cheating are completely opposite to the values ​​of sport”, added the senator.

Risk of manipulation in sport and online betting

Also present at the vote, Kajuru stated that the objective of the proposal is to curb result manipulation schemes on betting sites, called bets, in the Brazilian market. In justifying the project, the senator cites Operation Maximum Penalty, from the Public Ministry of Goiás, which uncovered schemes by criminal organizations enticing athletes to manipulate games, especially football.

“The recruiters made high profits in games from the Brazilian championships, series A and B, and the Gaucho and Goiás championships on betting sites. More than 15 people, including players, recruiters, investors and bettors, have already been reported to the courts for the practice of crimes of association and criminal organization, money laundering and corruption. Some of the accused are in prison and others have made plea bargains.”