Último dia da SPORTEL Rendez-vous Buenos Aires
Foto: Reprodução / @Sportel

SPORTEL is known as one of the biggest events in the sports media rights market. It has more than 30 years of experience and is seen as a center for exchange, debate, networking and an incubator for new trends.

SPORTEL holds several events around the world, including the SPORTEL Rendez-vous in different locations around the world, but which for the first time comes to Buenos Aires.

Highlights from the 1st day of SPORTEL in Buenos Aires

These events bring together industry leaders and technology innovators, offering international business opportunities across different markets and continents.

The first day of the event was a success. Watch the video below with a summary of everything that happened.

But the SPORTEL Rendez-vous Buenos Aires comes to an end on Wednesday night (15) at the Hilton Buenos Aires. But as today’s highlight we have the lectures:

  • “A local look at the sports content ecosystem” (TNT Sports)
  • “The boom in women’s sports: from audience to commercial opportunities” (TNT Sports)

Furthermore, the public will have the chance to see a football game between two great forces in South American football: Boca Juniors x Fortaleza.

In other words, this will be the perfect closing of the event focused on the sports and technology industry at 9pm, at La Bombonera stadium, valid for the Copa Sudamericana.

Importance of the event for the sector

Here are some important points about SPORTEL Rendez-vous:

  • The two-day event aims to showcase products, do business and create opportunities in the gaming sector.
  • SPORTEL Rendez-vous acts as a catalyst for value deals. It offers the opportunity to meet all sports content executives, in one place.
  • Many international sports operators and decision makers outline their strategies with the information provided in lectures and networking with other experts.
Image: SPORTEL / Disclosure (LinkedIn)

Check out the full SPORTEL Rendez-vous Buenos Aires program HERE.