Project that legalizes gambling and betting in Brazil advances in the Senate
Project that legalizes gambling and betting in Brazil advances in the Senate

After being shelved for more than a year in the Senate, Bill (PL) 442/91 – for the legalization of gambling – moved forward again. President Rodrigo Pacheco dispatched the bill, now numbered 2234/2022, to be analyzed by the Constitution and Justice Commission.

According to the project approved in the Chamber of Deputies on February 24 of last year, and subject to the limitations imposed by the PL, Brazil could have up to 43 casinos, 292 Jogo do Bicho points and more than six thousand bingo and video bingo rooms .

The president of the CCJ, Davi Alcolumbre, will be responsible for appointing a senator to be the rapporteur for Bill 2234/2022. After the nomination, the senators will have five days to present amendments to the PL.

Project that legalizes gambling and betting in Brazil advances in the Senate.
Betting sector can generate great opportunities for Brazil

During his term as President of the Senate, Alcolumbre committed to releasing the project for processing and approval shortly after the elections. However, due to the strong opposition of the Bolsonaro government and its evangelical supporters to the PL, he postponed the decision.

The current president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, emphasized several times that he was in no hurry to process the bill and that he would forward it to the House committees at the appropriate time. The Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Committee, chaired by Alcolumbre, is made up of 27 titular senators and 27 alternates.

Research shows that Brazilians support the legalization of gambling

Last year, a survey conducted by DataSenado revealed that 58% of respondents were in favor of legalizing gambling in Brazil. More than 60% believed that the measure could increase tax collection and 57% saw an increase in employment as a consequence.

About PL 442/91

PL 442/91 aims to achieve the legalization of gambling in Brazil, including casinos in resorts, tourist casinos, bingo, jogo do bicho and online games. With the legalization of the sector we could see a significant increase in revenue generated by the government, as well as a general improvement in the economy due to the generation of jobs that the sector would provide to the country.