10 days to start BiS SiGMA Americas
Closing of the 2022 edition

The international industry is counting down the days for the start of BiS SiGMA Americas. With ten days left for the start of the 2023 edition, the event will bring several new features such as a change of location, a much larger structure, two extra days of programming and the launch of Bet Expo.

BiS SiGMA Americas will take place from the 14th to the 18th of June, at the Transamerica Expo Center, in São Paulo and, at the same time, Afiliados Latam and Bet Expo will take place. This will be the main meeting of iGaming, bettech and sports betting professionals in Brazil. Experts and leading companies will come together to explore new advances in technology and strategies.

“Three events in one and it’s already a success with sponsors. We have over 200 exhibitors and sponsors. For the first time, we will have an event for bettors, for the sports trade, which is Bet Expo”, commented Alessandro Valente, specialist in iGaming in Latin America, co-founder of Super Afiliados and CEO of Jericho Eventos.

The third edition will feature all of SiGMA’s expertise, further raising the level and grandeur of the event. Earlier this year, the SiGMA Group announced the merger with Jericho Eventos, which idealized the event.

“For us, it was already a very big leap from an event of 1200 square meters to 16 thousand square meters, with SiGMA, we took another pavilion, we will have three pavilions and we went from more than 20 thousand square meters of structure”, added Valente.

The complete BiS SiGMA Americas schedule can be found here.

Alessandro Valente closed last year’s edition

Parallel programming to BiS SiGMA Americas


BetExpo’s goal is to enable participants to interact face-to-face with the biggest names in Trading in Latin America, bringing them closer to their dream, whether it be to live on bets, earn extra income or just for fun.

The convention promises to deepen the discussion and sharing experiences of the most experienced bettors. The event will bring many strategies and teachings of technical topics such as tips, predictions and Handicap in a simple way, and that will help the public to understand how to find valuable tips for their bets with the best names in the market.

Afiliados Latam

The second edition of Afiliados Latam will highlight the segment of affiliates in games, which is going through a period of frank expansion in the country. The debut of the event in 2022 received a large part of the industry with stands of the most relevant national and international brands.

With more than 30 brands participating in the last exhibition, the event awarded everyone with the opportunity to meet the new names in the industry, aiming to expand networking after two years of restricted face-to-face relationships due to the pandemic.

With a significant number of participants in the first edition, Afiliados Latam 2023 tends to increase its audience and present a program focused on topics in vogue for the market, such as affiliate marketing in general, cryptocurrencies, NFT, tokens and much more.