Alef Manga entra com pedido para retornar aos gramados
Foto: Instagram @alefmanga94

Striker Alef Manga is about to resume his activities for Coritiba. His lawyers paid the fine stipulated at R$60,000 by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD), following the approval of the request for sentence conversion.

Now, they await the definition of the 60 basic baskets, part of the reduced penalty.

Alef Manga’s sentence was 360 days of suspension

In the quest to make Alef Manga’s release official, the player’s defense filed a new petition. Coritiba, in turn, is attentive to pending documentation from the STJD and CBF to avoid possible legal complications that could result in sporting punishments.

The striker was facing a 360-day suspension due to his involvement in a wide-ranging sports betting scheme, which was revealed in early 2023.

However, his sentence was reduced by 50%, totaling 180 days, allowing him to return to training with Coritiba from January 27th.

The origin of the suspension dates back to August 2023, when Alef Manga received a yellow card during the clash with América Mineiro, in 2022, for the Brasileirão.

Thus, the sentence began immediately after the full trial on August 9.

In November, FIFA internationalized the sanction, leading the player to terminate his loan contract with Pafos FC, Cyprus.

Copinha has a case of attempted game manipulation, but player reported it

Manga’s case was investigated by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO) and widely covered by Operation Maximum Penalty. Furthermore, this strong repression has helped to foster sporting integrity.

On January 9th, at the 2024 São Paulo Junior Football Cup, Copinha, the match between Nacional and Avaí was the target of an attempt to manipulate results.

The goalkeeper, whose identity remains preserved for now, received an offer of R$10,000 via messages on an app. However, the young athlete reported it and the recruiter was arrested.