Tentativas de manipulação de jogos são têm sido frequentes
Imagem: João Loureiro / Ag. Paulistão

A shocking turn of events marked last Tuesday (09) in the São Paulo Junior Football Cup 2024. The match between Nacional and Avaí was the target of an attempt to manipulate results.

The goalkeeper, whose identity remains preserved for now, received an offer of R$10,000 via messages on an app.

Player denounces proposal to the São Paulo Football Federation

The offer aimed to convince the player to allow two goals in the first half of the dispute, providing financial gains to an alleged bettor.

The intention was clear: to profit from the certainty that Nacional would suffer this disadvantage in the first half of the game.

Aware of the seriousness of the situation, the athlete did not hesitate to report the incident to the São Paulo Football Federation.

The quick action of delegate Cesar Saad, from the Police Station for the Suppression of Offenses of Sports Intolerance (Drade), identified the author of the proposal.

Jiuliandro José da Silva Bezerra admitted the proposal to the athlete and is now facing the legal consequences, being indicted for the crime of manipulating results, as provided for in the General Sports Law.

Within the four lines, Avaí triumphed over Nacional 1-0, ensuring the leadership of Group 32 and classification for the next phase. While Nacional, who had just one point from three games, were eliminated from the youth competition.

FPF pronounces on attempted manipulation of results in Copinha

So, given this scenario, the role of the São Paulo Football Federation was crucial. After the complaint, the entity immediately contacted the Civil Police and Stats Perform, a partner company responsible for monitoring betting houses globally.

Thus, in an official statement, the Federation confirmed the attempted manipulation and highlighted that preventive action prevented the conspiracy from coming to fruition.

“The São Paulo Football Federation informs that it became aware of an alleged attempt to manipulate the result before the match Nacional-SP x Avaí-SC, for the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Jr., held on Tuesday (9), and immediately took action o Civil Police and Stats Perform, a partner company responsible for monitoring betting houses around the world.

The complaint received and the consequent preventive action by the FPF prevented the alleged manipulation attempt from taking place. The FPF has carried out an offensive against the manipulation of games in this Cup through preventive lectures for all athletes, members of technical committees and headquarters directors with guidelines and directives.

The FPF is the pioneering sports entity in combating the manipulation of competitions and results, with practical actions since 2015, through the creation of the Integrity Committee, monitoring of matches in real time and a cooperation agreement signed in 2020 with SIGA (Sport Integrity Global Alliance ), the leading integrity organization in sports.”

Preventive measures were taken by the FPF

Preventative actions were not restricted to behind the scenes. Around four thousand players and members of the technical committees of the 128 clubs participating in the Copa São Paulo received awareness lectures on conduct and anonymous reporting channels.

However, this is not the first time that the Copa São Paulo has faced episodes of attempted manipulation. Last season, similar cases involving players from clubs like Zumbi and Real Ariquemes served as a warning.

Therefore, the São Paulo Football Federation intensified its measures, hiring companies specialized in monitoring the betting market to identify potential game manipulations.

The Copa São Paulo, considered a hotbed of young talent, shows that vigilance and preventive measures are fundamental to preserving the essence of the sport.