Foto: Reprodução/Instagram

The player Neymar may have problems with Brazilian justice due to his partnership with the bookmaker, Blaze.

To O Globo, Neymar’s lawyers clarified that the player has not yet received an official notification from the Rio de Janeiro Court, despite a criminal report having been presented due to the use of his image by the bookmaker.

The player and his family learned about the process through the press, while his lawyers await the summons, with the process being at an early stage.

It is important to highlight that Neymar does not reside in Brazil. After all, he is playing in Arab football.

Lawyer Willian Singer, author of the action, seeks that Neymar be indicted to provide clarification. Singer is still awaiting an opinion from the Public Ministry in relation to the case.

Also according to O Globo, the player could face charges related to promoting misleading advertising.

Photo: reproduction/ Twitter @NeymarJr

As stipulated by article 67 of the Consumer Protection Code, promoting misleading advertising constitutes a crime, even if the author is not aware or intends to do so.

If proven, this practice carries a penalty ranging from three months to one year of imprisonment, in addition to the payment of a fine. Neymar made three publications for the bookmaker on his Instagram profile.

The company is under investigation for embezzlement, with punters claiming they did not receive the higher amounts they won on the site.

Neymar’s recovery and return to the pitch

Despite the controversy, Neymar, Al-Hilal’s number 10, had good news on the pitch. He returned to training last week.

Four months after his left knee injury during games for the Brazilian team, Neymar was the target of comments about his spirit and passion for the sport in a video released by the Saudi club.

In response, the player shared a video in which he shows off his belly and makes a provocative gesture, defying critics.

Furthermore, Neymar continues in the recovery process and his official return is only expected in June.