Guia rápido para comprar tráfego iGaming de qualidad

Entering the world of iGaming affiliate marketing is exciting, but there are some details of managing paid traffic on global ad networks that can be challenging.

This quick guide, created by Mikhail, Head of the CPM Department at Adsterra, will provide some tips to simplify the most complex problems for beginners.

Get ready to increase your knowledge and transform your approach to gaining global traffic strategically and efficiently.

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Tips for acquiring iGaming traffic from a global ad network

Maybe you are a professional traffic manager, or even beginners, who run iGaming offers – the vast majority for sports betting – and already know how to gain iGaming-specific traffic with high conversion in ads on search networks or social networks.

However, when you join an ad network with global traffic, these tips will be very helpful. Check out!

Traffic Volume:

When joining an ad network, the first crucial check is to see if it offers the traffic you need. Having this information on hand can be very useful when creating your strategies.

If you run campaigns in Portuguese for Brazil, why not take advantage of traffic from other GEOs that also use the Portuguese language, such as Angola and further increase qualified traffic in your campaigns.

To do this, you first need to know whether or not the ad network offers traffic from that region.

Adsterra simplifies this step for each of its advertisers, allowing you to analyze the volume of traffic currently available in the desired region, for different ad formats and targeting through the Traffic Chart tab.

Adsterra Traffic Volume


You need to decide whether you want to opt for paying for conversions or whether you would prefer to spend less by paying for ad impressions. Even though your offers generally pay for conversions, your traffic management strategy can vary.

Try CPM (cost per thousand impressions) pricing for offers with a more detailed flow like iGaming, whether globally or for Brazil.

This can be an effective alternative, as you will spend less and be able to test more slices of traffic and discover those that convert the most. CPA pricing is best suited for single-flow conversions like trials or signups.


Segmentation involves tailoring your offer to appropriate audiences. Avoid the trap of overly narrow targeting at the beginning of the campaign.

The smartest approach is to check all potential targeting, leaving only the main settings like Country, Mobile/Desktop, and device type.

Later, when optimizing your campaign, you can refine your targeting based on specific data.


One of the easiest ways to keep your budget safe and avoid overspending is by limiting your total or daily spend when running test campaigns.

Daily budgets of $50 – $100 will guarantee a bold start. You can even control your spending between $4 – $5 per hour. This tip is very useful and can save your skin as a traffic manager on a global network.

Time frame:

It is important to take into account the daily and weekly time frame when you are running a campaign where a phone call is part of the offer conversion flow.

For example, when an account manager calls back to confirm the registration or an automated call is made to provide the user with a secret key to verify the subscription.

Activities based on telephone calls are linked to the call center’s opening hours.

Therefore, you will need to set appropriate time periods for your ads. This is vital not just for iGaming advertising in Brazil, but for any region.

This will allow you to avoid ad impressions when the call center is unable to process your leads.

Bidding Strategy:

Bidding is paramount to gaining the best traffic. But if you approach this strategy with the idea of ​​”the higher the bid, the better”, you will lose the game.

Your bidding strategy must be balanced to get enough traffic per trial period and prepare you to compete for the best-converting channels in the future.

Adsterra developed a tool to facilitate the launch of campaigns. It estimates how many ad impressions or clicks you can get with a given bid, and offers the minimum payout and the most competitive payout to choose from.

At the start of your iGaming campaigns, simply set the minimum bid or what Adsterra’s Traffic Estimator advises.

Traffic Estimator recommends competitive bids for CPM Social Bar traffic in Brazil
Traffic Estimator recommends competitive bids for CPM Social Bar traffic in Brazil


Regardless of where you get your traffic, tracking in your iGaming campaigns is essential. You’ll need it even with your CPM strategy, because only by knowing which ad placement sends leads and conversions will you be able to optimize spending and eliminate unnecessary traffic sources.

The first two parameters we at Adsterra will ask you to track are ##SUB_ID_SHORT(action)## and ##PLACEMENT_ID##.

The first will tell you when a conversion occurs, while the second will help you identify which ad placements convert and which don’t. Adding tracking tokens is essential for further optimization.


This part consists of focusing your campaign on the most appropriate traffic sources, outperforming your closest rivals and reducing spending on placements that do not generate enough conversions.

We can’t cover all the details of an iGaming ad optimization in this quick guide. But this is exactly the process where you will need to dive into the statistics reports and check your tracker data.

Remember the previous tokens? It’s time to use them. With their data, you can form a safe list of channel IDs that drive the most conversions and selectively increase your bid.

You can also select channels granularly and set a custom bid (this is also the name of our tool) for each of them. At Adsterra, you customize your bids in a simple and practical way through the Custom Bid tool.

This is a flexible tool within the Adsterra platform. It allows you to manually configure the price for traffic from selected sources. You can bid higher or lower for specific ad placements on publisher sites as well as GEOs.

In partnership with Adsterra, you have a set of intelligent tools and methods to optimize and reduce advertising costs. Enable Smart CPM bidding to let smart algorithms win auctions at the best price.

Or, rely on the CPA Goal tool, which optimizes CPM traffic by the number of conversions or eCPA you enter.

And finally, an optimization that you should always take into account is refusing channels that consume your budget without sending enough conversions.

About Adsterra

Adsterra iGaming
Adsterra global advertising and cpa network with close partner care approach

Adsterra is an Advanced Advertising Network with a Unique Partner Care Approach, which has been making a presence in the world of digital advertising for a decade.

In this dynamic iGaming advertising landscape, where precision and performance are paramount, Adsterra stands out as a game changer.

This advanced advertising network is not just a platform; is a strategic partner committed to propelling advertisers to new heights.

The platform not only meets advertiser KPIs but drives ROI to unprecedented levels.

Adsterra’s success lies in its ability to deliver relevant ad feeds, with over 35 billion ad impressions per month, achieving 1.5 billion conversions annually and delivering a CTR of up to 20%.

It is an excellent source of traffic for the iGaming, e-commerce, apps, utilities, software and entertainment verticals, ensuring that audience engagement is not only substantial, but precisely targeted.

This level of personalization and precision is what sets Adsterra apart in the competitive iGaming advertising landscape.

Adsterra works with over 35,000 direct publishers and over 15,000 brands, affiliates, media agencies, and ad networks dealing with mainstream and niche verticals.

Those entering the iGaming advertising space need a partner who understands the nuances of the industry, ensuring advertisers tap into high-quality traffic across CPM, CPC and CPA.

In an environment where accuracy is crucial, Adsterra offers the tools to make every impression meaningful.

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In summary, by carefully following the tips in this guide, you are positioned to optimize your campaigns, achieve high-quality traffic, and ultimately maximize your conversions across a global advertising network.

Remember, effectiveness lies in the smart combination of targeting, pricing, tracking and optimization.

By integrating these elements cohesively, you not only ensure efficient use of your budget but also open doors to sustainable success in your affiliate marketing endeavors.

Continue refining your tactics, analyzing data and adapting to market nuances to reap the rewards of increasingly profitable campaigns.

Quality traffic is the foundation of success; Now, with these guidelines, you are prepared to achieve success in a strategic and efficient way.

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