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Over the last five years, there has been a significant increase in interest in online sports betting in Brazil, notably reflected in Google.

According to data provided by Google Trends, a tool that highlights the most popular terms in online searches, searches related to gambling increased an astonishing 20 times.

Terms such as “Estrela”, “Bet365”, “sports” andsports betting emerge as the most searched for.

Approximately 15% of the Brazilian population is involved in online betting, with an average monthly expenditure of R$263 among those who participate.

This phenomenon covers all regions of the country, including among Bolsa Família beneficiaries. However, it stands out more intensely among young people and men.

Online betting houses, known as “bets”, adopt this nomenclature derived from the English “bet”.

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Prominent brands on the Brazilian scene, such as Betano, Bet365, Betfair and Sportingbet, incorporate this term into their identity.

According to the digital marketing intelligence platform Similarweb, in the period from September to November 2023, these websites and others accumulated a total of 2.1 billion visits, with an average of six minutes per access.

Similarweb highlights that large-scale sporting events, such as the decisive Copa Libertadores matches, play a crucial role in this substantial increase in activity in the sector.

Trends for 2024 and regulation of sports betting in Brazil

The online sports betting scenario in Brazil is about to undergo significant changes in 2024. The government, under the management of President Lula (PT), approved a law aiming to regulate the taxation and operation of these companies.

Both companies and bettors must obtain accreditation to operate in Brazil, subject to tax obligations.

Growth in searches

The exponential growth in online searches for sports betting in Brazil reflects not only an entertainment phenomenon, but also the urgent need for regulations to guarantee the integrity of the sector.

This Wednesday, January 31st, President Lula signed a decree creating the Secretariat of Prizes and Bets, published in the Official Gazette of the Union.

Therefore, public interest and the active participation of citizens in this scenario highlight the importance of a robust and regulated online betting sector.