Podcast Brazilian Lounge chega ao Spotify
Podcast Brazilian Lounge chega ao Spotify

The Brazilian Lounge, which has become a reference in the global iGaming industry as the ‘best place to do business with Brazilian bettors’, is launching weekly conversations with personalities in the sector. This is the Brazilian Lounge Podcast, which is now available on Spotify.

The first five episodes of the first season were initially published on YouTube, but users of the audio platform can now check out the content produced in full.

The podcast presentation team is made up of:

  • Witoldo Hendrich (Co-founder and Legal Director of Online IPS);
  • Ricardo Magri (director Brazilian Lounge);
  • Alessandro Valente (Co-Founder Brazilian Lounge);
  • Flávio Figueiredo (CEO iGaming Group).

Already released episodes of the Brazilian Lounge Podcast

The Brazilian Lounge Podcast welcomed Carlos Cardama (BiS SiGMA director) in its first edition. The program premiered on August 16th.

“The idea is to be a light podcast, to know how the person got to the industry, how they entered this market. We want to talk about the industry, but showing a humanized side of the people who will participate in the podcast”, explained Flávio Figueiredo.

“We will address both the sector and the guest’s trajectory. The human side of those who are part of this global industry”, he added.

The podcast’s second guest was Pedro Feitosa, a lawyer by profession and experienced trader with more than 10 years of experience in the market. Feitosa shared his unique journey and his perspectives on the sports betting scene in Brazil.

Professional bettor Pedrão Bet, considered the pioneer of sports betting in Brazil and the second best bettor in the world in 2016, was interviewed in the third week of the attraction.

Pedrão not only witnessed the beginning of Brazilian industry, but also helped shape the evolution of the market.

The fourth episode featured Andre Gelfi, CEO of the Brazilian Institute of Responsible Gaming (IBJR) and managing partner of Betsson in Brazil.

The attraction offered a unique insight into the future of betting in Brazil and the role that IBJR will play in promoting responsible gaming and building a regulated and safe market.

While the most recent edition welcomed Thomas Carvalhaes, Managing Director of VaiDeBob. Carvalhaes is an executive passionate about the iGaming industry in Brazil and Latin America, with more than 10 years of experience.