Ohio proíbe apostas específicas para jogadores em competições universitárias
Foto: Jsjessee / Wikipedia

Ohio licensed betting operators can no longer offer specific bets to players on intercollegiate or collegiate competitions.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) has banned individual bets on athletes. They are a different type of bet compared to traditional sports bets.

Instead of betting on the end result of a game, such as who will win or lose, you bet on something specific that could happen during the game or involving a player.

Bookmakers have until March 1 to implement the new rules in Ohio

The decision was made following a request from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

So the move puts Ohio on the list of more than 20 US states with similar bans. Operators have until March 1 to implement the restrictions.

The request was made by NCAA President Charlie Baker in a letter sent to the commission’s executive director, Matt Schuler, and endorsed by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine.

Thus, with the ban, bettors will no longer be able to bet on markets such as a quarterback’s passing yards or a basketball player’s points in NCAA games.

The measure aims to protect NCAA athletes against possible harassment and prevent match-fixing.

DeWine praised the commission’s decision, saying it “took swift action to protect student athletes from unnecessary and potentially harmful threats.”

Therefore, it is worth highlighting that sports betting in Ohio has been legal since January 2023 and this OCCC decision represents an update to local regulations.

Thus, this measure follows a national trend of stricter regulations on betting on college sports in the US.

The objective is to always guarantee the integrity of competitions and protect young athletes from harassment and undue pressure related to results.