Imagem: Meu Timão

Corinthians signed a master sponsorship deal with the company VaideBet for R$360 million for the next three years. The São Paulo club will receive R$120 million annually, in addition to R$10 million in gloves.

VaideBet will make a contribution of R$10 million per month, as the club informed in an official note. The annual value exceeds the R$85 million that Flamengo receives from Pixbet. Timão also “beats” its rival Palmeiras, which pockets a fixed R$81 million per year through its partnership with Crefisa.

Thus, Corinthians‘ master sponsorship with VaideBet is now considered the largest in Brazil in financial terms today.

The main place on the Corinthians shirt was occupied by Neo Química, a Brazilian pharmaceutical laboratory whose parent organization is Hypera Pharma. The agreement was valid until the end of 2025, but was amicably broken in mid-December.

Duilio Monteiro Alves had everything in place to announce Pixbet as the new master sponsor, but Augusto Melo blocked the deal, which would have yielded R$150 million to Timão’s coffers for two seasons (R$75 million annually).

See details of the sponsorship announced at the Press Conference (Corinthians/ VaideBet):

  • There will be 36 months of contract for a total of 3 years;
  • R$360 million for the term of the contract (R$120 million per year);
  • R$ 10 million per month;
  • R$20 million of this amount will be advanced to the club and a further R$10 million will be paid on the first day of each month;
  • VaideBet will also pay Pixbet’s fine (valued at approximately R$20 million), this amount is an extra and the full amount (R$360 million) belongs to the São Paulo team.

Watch the press conference in full