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Recently, surprising news involving Maverick Carter, known for being the manager and business partner of Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, came to light. Carter admitted to federal investigators that he placed bets on the NBA. This confession was reported by the renowned American newspaper, The Washington Post.

Details of Carter’s NBA Betting Confession

According to federal documents cited by the Washington Post, Carter revealed to agents that he does not remember betting on the Lakers. This admission occurred during an interrogation in November 2021.

Agents were investigating Wayne Nix, a bookie, who admitted guilt on charges related to running an off-shore sports betting network.

A spokesperson for Carter and James, Adam Mendelsohn, confirmed to the Post that the interview did indeed take place.

Mendelsohn clarified: “Maverick Carter was interviewed once by federal authorities in 2021, prior to the legalization of sports betting in 38 states and the District of Columbia. He was not the target of the investigation, cooperated fully and did not face charges.”

The extent of Carter’s bets

The Post’s report indicates that Carter placed about 20 bets on football and basketball games over the course of a year.

Each bet ranged between US$5,000 and US$10,000. He denied having placed bets on behalf of other people. Mendelsohn emphasized that Carter’s bets were not related to James.

NBA rules and Carter’s role

It is important to note that the NBA prohibits players, team managers and agents from betting on league games.

However, business managers like Carter are not included in these restrictions. Carter, who is 42, is more than just a business partner to James.

They share a friendship since childhood and co-own a media company. In addition, they have minority stakes in the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool, from the Premier League.

Changes in betting laws and the stance of sports leagues

US sports leagues have historically opposed the legalization of online gaming. However, after the Supreme Court ruled in 2018 to eliminate restrictions outside of Nevada, several states legalized betting. Since then, leagues have begun adopting legal betting.

This case with Maverick Carter highlights the complexity and nuances of U.S. sports betting laws, especially at a time of significant change in the industry.