Exclusivo: Léo Chile fala da parceria com 7k.Partners e SuperAfiliados (2)

Léo Improta, better known as Léo Chile, sports journalist, entertainer, ambassador and bookmaker partner, talks about his professional career and the partnership with 7K.Partners and SuperAfiliados.

The iGaming Brazil portal spoke to Léo in an exclusive interview, where you can understand why he brings joy to the programs he is part of.

In the interview, Léo talks about the beginning of his career, how he got this particular nickname when he returned from Chile to Brazil, among other topics.

Today with 50 thousand followers on Instagram, Léo began his career as a ship entertainer before moving to Chile and working as a commercial director at a software company.

Even so, he considers himself neither an influencer nor a tipster and says that his goal is just to bring humor and high spirits wherever he goes.

Léo Chile’s success from a joke

And success came like this: all because of a joke between friends.

He says he made a video interviewing Vampeta and Edilson during a barbecue with friends and the video went viral.

From then on there were events, stand ups, celebrity games until it got to where it is today.

With the segment “Sem Pipôcá”, which is part of the TV Band’s “Os Donos da Bola” program, Leo asks intuitive and provocative questions to former players or people linked to the sport, provoking the interviewee to “pop” with a lot of humor .

Additionally, we talk about your partnership with SuperAfiliados and 7K.Partners, your connection with sports betting from an early age.

In conclusion, Léo gives his opinion on the regulation of sports betting in Brazil.

The importance of regulated bookmakers and the consequent generation of jobs and fundraising for Brazil.

The country’s near future, its expectations and plans for the coming years, here, exclusively by iGaming Brazil.