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Who is the founder of Blaze?

Quem é o 
dono da Blaze?

Everyone wonders: who is the founder of Blaze? But first we must know: what is Blaze?

Operating in Brazil since 2019, Blaze is a virtual casino and sports betting platform. Among the games offered by the company are Roulette, Blackjack, Slots Machines, Poker and the famous rocket.

Blaze has its headquarters abroad, more specifically in Curaçao, a Dutch island known as a tax haven. Blaze is operated by Prolific Trade N.V., but all the names behind the company are not known for sure.

The site became notorious in Brazil, starting in 2023, due to sponsorships from influencers such as Neymar and Felipe Neto and accusations of scams.

However, until then, no one knew for sure who the owner or founder of Blaze was.

When accessing the address, the user is redirected to the official website, which shows the connection between the domains.

So YouTuber Daniel Penin tracked the name through the Whois platform, which publishes information about internet domains, and discovered that the owner of the domain is Brazilian Erick Loth Teixeira.

The information was released on June 7th this year by YouTuber Daniel Penin, who tracked the name through the Whois platform, which publishes information about internet domains.

However, Erick denies being the owner of Blaze. He claims that he only lent his name to put on the domain and that he has no knowledge of anything else.

According to his own statement to Brazilian newspapers and websites: “I inform you that I do not own Blaze. I was just hired by Blaze, in the same way that happens with influencers, with the function of monitoring advertising performance.”

According to the casino, today there are more than 40 million users on the platform.

In recent months, Blaze has gained popularity after being promoted by big names on the internet and sponsoring football clubs, such as Botafogo.

Blaze blocked by Anatel

Due to the complaints made and facts discovered about cases of fraud against users, theft, etc., the court decided to take the platform offline.

On September 4, 2023, Anatel ordered the blocking of the Blaze website following a court decision by the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJSP).

After the blockade, Blaze created ways to circumvent the court decision and allow access to its users, and appealed the decision.

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