Manipulação de resultados Fifa bane três e amplia para o mundo inteiro a suspensão de jogadores
Ygor Catatau foi um dos jogadores eliminados do futebol. Foto: Ronald Felipe / Sampaio Corrêa

This Monday, the 11th, FIFA announced that it has increased the punishment of players who were penalized for involvement in match-fixing in Brazilian football worldwide.

Players Ygor Catatau, Matheus Gomes and Gabriel Tota had their bans maintained by the sport’s highest entity – the decision had already been taken by the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice).

On the official website, the organization listed the 11 players who had sentences imposed by Brazilian sports courts – the sentences range from 360 days of suspension to banishment from the sport.

The punishments are a consequence of the Maximum Penalty Operation, an investigation by the Goiás Public Ministry that uncovered a results manipulation scheme aimed at benefiting bettors. There are also criminal cases against these athletes.

Initially, the penalties were limited to Brazil, under the jurisdiction of the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice).

For this reason, some of the players, such as defender Eduardo Bauermann, even signed contracts with foreign clubs – the former Santos defender transferred to Turkey.

Responding to a request from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), FIFA evaluated the cases and opted to extend the punishments to all federations affiliated to the entity.

Players punished by FIFA and their respective sentences:

  • Ygor Catatau (ban)
  • Paulo Sérgio (600 days)
  • Gabriel Tota (ban)
  • Paulo Miranda (720 days)
  • Fernando Neto (380 days)
  • Eduardo Bauermann (360 days)
  • Matheus Gomes (ban)
  • Mateusinho (600 days)
  • André Queixo (600 days)
  • Moraes (720 days)
  • Kevin Lomónaco (380 days)

Match-fixing in Brazilian football

The Maximum Penalty Operation found that this group of criminals interfered in games in the second and first divisions of the Brazilian Championship last year, as well as in matches in state competitions in 2023.

The players were enticed by criminals to carry out actions during the clashes, such as receiving yellow and red cards and committing penalties.

The operation also contributed to the creation of the sports betting CPI in the Chamber of Deputies.