Cruzeiro holds a series of lectures to raise awareness about sports betting
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Cruzeiro held a cycle of lectures to raise awareness about sports betting and its impact on match-fixing. The club received, at Tocas da Raposa, the TJD-SP attorney, Mariana Chamelette. The professional, who is also vice-president of the Brazilian Institute of Sports Law, gave lectures for the male and female professional categories, Under-20, Under-17 and also for employees.

In the lectures, the athletes and collaborators became aware of the specificities of sports betting, the existing cases of manipulation of results involving betting, which provides for the FIFA legislation regarding punishments, in addition to explanations of how the scheme of enticing athletes has worked through of gangs aiming to manipulate results.

“Within the purposes established for the evolution of the club, Cruzeiro has been intensifying the educational training of its athletes and collaborators as citizens. With this objective in mind, last week we promoted lectures on sports betting and match fixing, coordinated by Mariana Chamellette, a reference professional on the subject”, said Gabriel Lima, CEO of Cruzeiro SAF.

“Certainly, the conversations were very beneficial, as all employees and athletes at the club were able to answer questions and understand more about the subject, which is of direct interest to everyone involved with the sport”, he added.

Mariana Chamelette told what was talked about with Cruzeiro athletes. “Holding the lectures was a great opportunity to present the most crucial information about the dangers and consequences of illegal betting and match-fixing”.

“The idea behind the event was to make athletes aware of the importance of integrity in sport, encouraging them to make ethical decisions and refuse to engage in illegal practices. The conversations held were very productive and both the athletes and the other employees of Cruzeiro were very participative”, added Mariana.

Mineiro club creates a booklet with an appropriate stance on sports betting

In addition to the lectures given, Cruzeiro has also adopted other measures aimed at ethical conduct in sport. One of these actions is the preparation of an internal conduct booklet that will cover, among other topics, the attitude required by the institution for all its professionals with regard to the world of betting.

“We are developing, together with our Compliance department, a conduct booklet, which will contain all Cruzeiro guidelines regarding sports betting and all its particularities. The design of this booklet relies on the participation of Mariana Chamelette and other legal professionals, who will contribute to raise awareness among athletes and also protect the club”, detailed Lima.

Mariana Chamelette also spoke about this next step that will be taken by Raposa. “The objective of the partnership and the elaboration of the booklet is to provide clear guidelines and relevant information on the subject, helping those involved to understand the correct practices and the consequences of inappropriate behavior”.

“The partnership between Cruzeiro and professionals specialized in this area is further proof of the club’s commitment to honest sport and strengthens its efforts to promote ethical conduct among its athletes, guaranteeing a healthy sporting environment free from manipulation of results”, he concluded.