STJD defines punishments for 8 players involved in match-fixing scheme
Eduardo Bauermann received the mildest sentence. Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Eight players investigated in Operation Maximum Penalty, promoted by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MPGO), were judged last Thursday, June 1st, by the 4th Disciplinary Commission of the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) and received different punishments because of involvement in a match-fixing scheme.

According to GE, the list of athletes heard and judged includes Matheus (without club), Paulo Miranda (without club), Igor Cariús (Sport), Moraes (Aparecidense), Gabriel Tota (Ypiranga), Fernando Neto (São Bernardo), Kevin Lomónaco (Red Bull Bragantino), and Eduardo Bauermann (Santos).

One of the main athletes investigated in the MPGO operation, defender Eduardo Bauermann received the lightest punishment, 12 games of suspension. However, he remains away for an indefinite period from the activities of the Santos club, waiting for the unfolding of the investigation in the common court. He and four other players participated in the trial in Rio de Janeiro.

Left-back Igor Cariús, formerly of Cuiabá and currently at Sport, ended up having the complaint rejected by the STJD. The player’s defense contested the effect on the sporting scope of the evidence obtained by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. So Igor ended up acquitted.

Gabriel Tota, ex-Juventude, and Matheus, ex-Sergipe, who is not linked to any team at the moment, received the most severe penalties. The two were banned from the sport and received fines of R$50,000 and R$15,000, respectively. Defender Paulo Miranda was suspended for 1,000 days and fined R$70.

According to the auditors, these players not only got involved in the manipulation scheme, but also enticed other athletes. It should be noted that the votes took place in the first instance. Therefore, the decision can be appealed to the full STJD.

Punishment applied by the STJD to each of the players:

  • Moraes (Aparecidense): 760 days and BRL 55 thousand;
  • Gabriel Tota (Ypiranga): banishment and R$ 30 thousand;
  • Paulo Miranda (without club): 1,000 days and BRL 70,000;
  • Eduardo Bauermann (Santos): 12 games;
  • Igor Cariús (Sport): acquitted;
  • Fernando Neto (São Bernardo): 380 days and R$ 15 thousand;
  • Matheus Gomes (without a club): banishment and R$ 10 thousand
  • Kevin Lomónaco (Bragantino): 380 days and BRL 25 thousand.

Five more players involved in the match-fixing scheme will be tried

According to CNN, five other players involved in the match-fixing scheme will be tried next week. Allan Godói, André Luiz “Queixo”, Mateusinho, Paulo Sérgio and Ygor Catatatu will be judged next Tuesday, 6th, by the 5th Disciplinary Commission of the STJD.

They were at Sampaio Corrêa last year, when they agreed to join the scheme in a game against Londrina, for the last round of Série B do Brasileiro.

Defender Victor Ramos, then at Portuguesa and now at Chapecoense, will only be judged by the Court of Sports Justice of São Paulo, since he was cited in the Paulistão game.