In order to protect sporting integrity, LNB evaluates changing NBB rules after Operation Maximum Penalty
Photo: Vinicius Molz Schubert / LNB

The second stage of Operation Maximum Penalty took place last week and is affecting other sports. With a view to further protecting sporting integrity, the National Basketball League (LNB) is considering making changes to its regulations to curb possible cases of match-fixing in the sport.

“I think the numbers are proportionally small. But they are important warnings of what may come. This can happen with any modality”, said Sérgio Domenici, CEO of LNB, in an interview with Máquina do Esporte.

The operation recently arrested three people involved in the association of athletes to carry out actions in football matches for the benefit of an alleged match-fixing scheme.

According to Máquina do Esporte, the new phase of Operation Maximum Penalty had 20 search and seizure warrants in 16 cities in six states of Brazil.

Bet-specific rule to preserve sporting integrity

Today, the regulation of LNB tournaments, such as Novo Basquete Brasil (NBB), does not include specific rules for the sports betting sector. However, the CEO of the institution stated that he will be able to guarantee sporting integrity with adjustments to the general regulation of the sport.

“Essentially, we don’t have a specific item [in the entity’s rules] for betting. But anything that moves away from the sports sphere can be fought in civil justice and in the sports disciplinary sphere”, assured Domenici.

“Specifically speaking of bets, there is not yet. It is a new theme and we are going to prepare for it”, added the executive of the National Basketball League.

NBB has official partnership with bookmaker until 2025

Currently, the NBB (Novo Basquete Brasil) has a partnership with a company in the sports betting sector. This is, which is also the master sponsor of the São Paulo football team. The agreement between the main basketball competition in Brazil and the bookmaker is expected to last until 2025.