Illinois bookmakers ended 2021 with nearly $800 million in revenue in December, reaching a total of more than $7 billion for the full year.

The US state experienced its third straight month with more than $780 million in wagers, earning a bronze medal by ranking in the top three US sports betting destinations.

Online and retail betting totaled $789.6 million in December, 60.6% more than a year ago and the second-highest in Illinois history.

Betting volume for December averaged $25.5 million per day, although this was down from $26 million per day in November.

The rise in revenue generation from Illinois sports betting

Punters also fared better in December. Gaming gross revenue (GGR) dropped to $36.7 million, down 53% from the record $78.2 million in November.

However, the December win was up 29%, generating taxable income of $33.7 million, which in turn brought in $5.4 million for state coffers.

Altogether, the year 2021 marked an increase in sports betting. Illinois totaled $7.02 billion for the full year, up 273% from 2020’s $1.9 billion, while only New Jersey ($10.9 billion) and Nevada ($7.1 billion) attracted more. in bets.

Sports betting has been operating at a rapid pace for the past three months, and it certainly helps to move forward now that the Bulls are in a big phase,” said Joe Boozell, Principal Analyst at PlayIllinois.

“As relentless as the growth has been, it’s important to remember that Illinois is far from a mature market. Many of the restrictions will be lifted in the coming months, which puts the industry on high expectations,” concluded Boozell.