Swedish regulatory body launches campaign to encourage regulated gambling

The Swedish Gambling Authority (SGA) has launched a national campaign encouraging people to gamble only with licensed operators. Titled “Gaming needs rules”, the regulator’s latest initiative highlights the importance of betting only with companies that hold a Swedish license.

The new SGA campaign includes three short films that were published on its social media and website. These videos star Swedish TV personality Anders Lundin, who narrates the three plays, telling viewers, “spel behöver regler” – games need rules.

Each video depicts a scenario where people cheat while playing popular board games, humorously conveying their message of awareness. In a statement, the SGA said: “No, we do not require a license for board games and cheating on them may not be that dangerous.”

“But when playing for money, it’s important that game companies follow the rules. The Swedish Gaming Authority controls and supervises Swedish-licensed gaming companies.

These three films are linked to a longer video on the official website, which also features Lundin. This video provides more information on the benefits of choosing a licensed gaming company.

“The aim is to inform the public that there is a choice to make between game companies that have a Swedish license and game companies that do not,” commented Yvonne Hejdenberg, Communications Manager at SGA.

Hejdenberg added: “The aim is for the public to gain knowledge about the benefits of choosing a Swedish-licensed gaming company.”

This move comes after the Swedish Gambling Authority announced a redesign of its self-exclusion website, Spelpaus.se.

About the Swedish Gambling Authority

The Swedish Gambling Authority specializes in matters relating to gambling and lotteries. The entity is responsible for ensuring that the Swedish gaming market is legal, safe and reliable.

The body issues authorizations for lotteries and has overall responsibility for the control and supervision of activities in the country. The authority is linked to the Ministry of Finance and its Council appointed by the Government.