Legitimuz Sistema inovador e único no mercado inibe fraudes em cassinos online

The betting market has been growing significantly in Brazil, consequently, the country is the second in the world with the highest incidence of identity fraud.

This happens due to the use of the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) that the bettor needs to present to become a customer at a house.

Although the act seems harmless and is necessary for participation, the document is made available to fraudsters through iFind, a search tool that costs R$45 per month and allows access to unlimited CPFs.

After obtaining your identity, the next step is to open an account with a fintech, a bank that provides account opening without verification, such as: Celcoin, AstroPay, Zenex, Dock, etc.

And almost all frauds that exist in this niche can be resolved with a single solution, which is capable of eliminating up to 99% of these problems: the use of Legitimuz.

This system converts any scam into profit through the identity verification service.

In it, the fraudster enters, deposits, plays, but is unable to withdraw because it is not allowed, causing the balance to be trapped in the house and he has two alternatives: continue and lose or leave and abandon the amount. Check it out below:

CPA Fraud

A user registers using different types of text and altered photos, posing as an influencer.

This scammer already has all the prints, if necessary, of several other affiliate panels in other houses, where this entire image was altered to pretend to be a possible real participant, saying that he will publish it in a group of signs or something like that.

However, the house always loses in the math when these people create their account, and this fraud happens due to their baseline.

Follow an example:

Your home offers a CPA of R$50, with a baseline of R$30.

Your home has a minimum deposit of R$20.

Only with these two factors, where it has already been analyzed that 73% of houses today make mistakes in this math, it is possible for the fraudster to make a profit, taking losses in a scalable way for his betting house.

This person uses different factors to create accounts in the name of third parties, be it a fintech, to deposit through the account holder that was created, or even systems to falsify these documents, if your house has KYC (Know Your Customer) that is not updated according to the privileged information that Legitimuz has.

The scammer, in several accounts created through his link, deposits the minimum amount that the house requires, in the case above, R$20.

Once this is done, he needs to rotate the baseline value required by the house, then access two accounts, where he only needs to enter one of the games that has two possibilities of winning and in each of them, the player multiplies his money by two, as is the case of Baccarat, which the draw returns to both.

After all this mechanism has been set up, the fraudster only simulates bets, which within the system is counted as turnover, to account for the CPA of R$50 offered by the house in its affiliate account.

At the end of this model known as ladder, the player just moved money, and at the end of the day he withdrew it from a single player account, meaning that his money worked without any risk and 100% profit after receiving the CPA from several accounts.

To make it increasingly imperceptible, the user uses the same model that an influencer would use as standards, which is not to deposit into some accounts and transfer the balance in different games with the same system.

Legitimuz can also analyze, quickly and effectively, several other factors.

Bonus/Rollover Fraud

If your house offers bonuses, the scammer uses this first deposit advantage to meet the rollover requirements, therefore, fraudsters look for games with odds close to 2.0, pitting one account against another.

One of them almost doubles, at the end of about four rounds, the balance is around R$3,300.00 to R$3,600.00.

An example is when the fraudster deposits R$500.00 and wins another R$500.00 bonus, a total of R$1,000.00, which can only be withdrawn after meeting the requirements better known as Rollover.

Thus, four accounts are created, two are played for the full amount in more than 3.5 goals and the other two in less than 3.5 goals. In the end, the money all ends up in a single account, which makes it possible to redeem the house bonus without putting any value at risk.

This entire mechanism works today due to several factors that bookmakers overlook, such as opening accounts in the name of third parties and a lack of perception in the heating of each player’s accounts.

Legitimuz can verify that each user is real with the system that was created, based on all possible frauds, from the player’s fake warm-up, which would go unnoticed, to the final act which would be the withdrawal.

With this format alone, the scammer would be able to make a profit of at least R$1,300.00, money that the house is losing with the formation of four accounts and the method applied.

On a medium scale, this person can make around 10 transactions per day, which would mean creating 40 accounts in the names of third parties to carry out the scam.

Legitimuz is one step ahead of every act that this fraudster could do within this market, managing to analyze the account and support itself, freezing the amount that was deposited in all four accounts until the final KYC process is answered correctly .

With this system, the criminal starts losing an approximate amount of R$2,000.00 and will certainly look for another house to carry out his scams.

RevShare fraud

In this format, the fraudster chooses betting houses where the system is easier to register and then starts by creating two affiliates, in each of which he can start up to five games through the link itself.

If, for example, today your house offers a RevShare of 50% of the loss of all players referred by that participant, with the help of a fintech, that person deposits the amount of R$ 1,000.00 into the accounts of the five players, totaling in each account R$5,000.00. In the other five of account number 2, the same scheme is also done.

The next step is to use some games that contain only two winning possibilities to transfer this money to another account. Once again, one of the most used is Baccarat.

Once this is done, the fraudster places all open accounts on his screen, using different devices so as not to cross-reference the data that Legitimuz is now able to analyze all of them cautiously, 5 players from affiliate 1, against 5 players from 2.

As a result, five will win this game that the scammer bet on, totaling R$10,000.00, or better yet, all the money invested.

Thus, he opens these accounts using the PIX key, CPF and withdraws the amount. However, now it is clear that those who lost will generate some profit and that is where they win.

This way, as the members of group 1 won, the Revshare for them will be negative, but this affiliate account is already a new one, so they just abandon it.

The remaining two who lost receive a Revshare that could be, for example, 50%. Therefore, the fraudster has just won 50% of a bet amount of R$5,000.00 that he at least put at risk.

Which totals a loss of R$2,500.00 with just one turnover. After this, with the ease of opening accounts and the fragility of the house, it is enough to create two other new accounts to apply the same act.

Legitimuz is attentive to the market, its behind-the-scenes and flaws, constantly updated to offer maximum security.


This entire transaction is only possible because the house does not verify the identity of any registered CPF. To resolve 99% of these frauds instantly, simply implement Legitimuz’s identity verification system on the first withdrawal from each account.

This factor is recommended when withdrawing money, because the player has already registered, deposited, bet and now just wants to withdraw the balance.

Therefore, if he is a legitimate person, he will have no problem with this. Furthermore, with this service format, the house achieves more profit because fraudsters’ withdrawals are stopped, which automatically turns into profit and security for marketing promotions, without being afraid of attracting fraudsters.

The company also has other technologies, such as analyzing the document as regular in the government, crossing the deposit amount, with location and CPF score, numbers of users on the same device or IP and consulting a blacklist of thousands of fraudsters.


Legitimuz implements the system for you and lets your bookmaker run for free for five days, so you can check the results obtained, with no obligation to close.

The company still covers the entire cost, because it is sure that there will be an increase in financial income.