Pragmatic Play is ready to explore the full potential of bingo in Latin America

Pragmatic Play has earned an excellent reputation throughout Latin America as a leading provider of high-performance Slots and Live Casinos.

These products have positioned the brand among the best suppliers on the continent, allowing it to grow significantly in the region. In addition, the Virtual Sports offering continues to expand and attract more fans daily.

As a company that is always looking to push the boundaries and improve what it offers, the brand’s vision is also placed in the Bingo vertical. Continuing to grow across the world, the Bingo industry is becoming a hub of innovation and competition in regulated markets.

Pragmatic Play has identified Bingo as an area where great growth can be achieved. This is currently being successfully replicated in Latin America, where numerous operators from various countries have Bingo as the number 1 product in the region.

Latin America: A continent with a tradition in bingo

Pragmatic Play operates in a territory with a long and proud bingo heritage, present in almost every country, so for growing brands, bingo is today an essential vertical to offer players.

The company has had significant success on a global level with its products and is now looking to leverage the experience gained around the world and apply it locally within Latin America to bring Bingo’s full potential to life.

Pragmatic Play and its products and services

With a proud history of delivering leading products, Pragmatic Play also seeks to provide the most complete and efficient service on the market, which is why the brand’s bingo offering is so sought after.

The company’s operating partners are fully supported at the time of product integration, with the entire process requiring no extra demand, nor any infrastructure development before a leading product can be offered to customers.

This is possible thanks to Pragmatic Play’s unique and exclusive API, through which partners can add any vertical they wish, while any additional ones can be added through simple requests, eliminating lengthy integration processes.

One of the most relevant aspects of Pragmatic Play as a Bingo provider is its complete location in Latin America. Currently, the brand is not only the most complete supplier, but also the one that has made the greatest effort to form a team that meets the local needs of each country on the continent.

Pragmatic Play is ready to explore the full potential of bingo in Latin America

The company’s bingo offers

The organization’s offering contains a wide spectrum of variants, allowing partner operators to provide a modern bingo lobby with classic and contemporary alternatives.

As far as traditional bingo halls go, Pragmatic Play offers 30, 50, 75, 80 and 90 ball variants, all with guaranteed quality. The bingo catalog also features extremely famous titles like Sweet Bonanza Bingo, Bingo Blast, Beachball Blast and Snowball Blast.

See the main advantages of Pragmatic Play’s bingo product

The brand’s Bingo product is one of the most complete on the market, given its flexibility and features. Among the well received by operators are:

  • Intuitive back office;
  • Rooms developed for mobile devices;
  • All Slots are available to configure Bingo lobby with mini-games according to operator preferences;
  • Fixed, progressive and guaranteed jackpots;
  • Free games;
  • Solid network with large-scale rewards;
  • Personalized and localized support and intermediation in Latam’s local languages ​​(Spanish in its different varieties and Brazilian Portuguese).

Building on these strengths, Pragmatic Play continues to establish itself as one of the most exciting and expansive providers in Latin America, and through its commitment to excellence and the regular delivery of leading titles, in the quest to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences won. force.