This Wednesday (3), the Administration and Public Service Commission of the Chamber of Deputies promotes a crucial debate on the future of federal lotteries in Brazil.

The central agenda revolves around the proposal to transfer operations to a subsidiary of Caixa Econômica Federal.

The proposal, prepared by deputies Tadeu Veneri (PT-PR) and Erika Kokay (PT-DF), highlights the importance of Caixa lotteries in tackling social inequalities in Brazil.

Guests confirmed for the federal lotteries hearing

To deepen the discussion and ensure different perspectives, the public hearing brings together renowned experts from different sectors. According to the Chamber’s website, the list includes:

  • Simone Aparecida Vicentini, Deputy Secretary of Prizes and Bets at the Ministry of Finance, will bring the government’s view on the proposal.
  • Sergio Takemoto, President of the National Federation of Caixa Econômica Federal Staff Associations (Fenae), will represent the interests of Caixa workers.
  • Juvandia Moreira Leite, President of the National Confederation of Workers in the Financial Sector of CUT (Contraf-CUT), will defend the rights of workers in the lottery sector.
  • Fabiana Uehara, Coordinator of the Caixa Employee Executive Committee (CEE/Caixa), will voice the concerns of Caixa employees with the transfer.
  • Luís Nassif, a renowned journalist and political commentator, will bring his critical and independent analysis on the topic.
  • Ricardo Amado Costa, Vice-President of the Brazilian Federation of Lottery Companies (Febralot), will represent the interests of lottery companies.
  • Antonio Simoneto, President of the Union of Lottery Companies, Commissioners and Consignees of the Federal District and Surrounding Areas (Sindiloterias DF), will defend the interests of lottery companies in the Federal District.
  • Eduardo Moreira, Representative of ICL Notícias, although he cannot attend, his previous virtual participation will contribute relevant information to the debate.

Details about the hearing

The objective of the hearing is to deepen the analysis of the possible impacts of the transfer of federal lotteries. Since 1962, lotteries have been a Caixa monopoly, and their centralized administration has been crucial for financing social policies.

Thus, approximately 40% of the profit is allocated to investments in health, education and social projects.

Representatives of entities such as the Brazilian Federation of Lottery Companies (Febralot) and the Union of Lottery Companies, Commissioners and Consignees of the Federal District and Surrounding Areas (Sindiloterias DF) will also be present, bringing their perspectives on the subject.

Furthermore, the diversity of participants will provide a comprehensive discussion on the proposal, considering its legal, economic and social aspects.