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The U.S. sports betting market has been dominated by DraftKings and FanDuel, which control about 70% of the industry, by some estimates.

However, a Truist survey revealed that DraftKings is establishing a lead in iGaming, with 29% of respondents using the app, versus 22% using FanDuel.

Additionally, 61% of those who use both mobile apps prefer DraftKings.

DraftKings remains in the lead with ease

The reasons for this preference were diverse. But according to Truist analyst Barry Jonas, consumers generally view the two apps as roughly the same these days.

While both brands are recognized and valuable, Jonas believes DraftKings will likely emerge victorious in a marketing war.

Another brand that has stood out is Penn Entertainment’s ESPN Bet, which, although less than six months old, received a good score in the Truist survey.

So this reinforces Jonas’s belief in its potential for long-term success because consumers seem satisfied with the app experience.

So-called “parlays”, a type of multiple bet, or combined bets, have been fundamental for gaming operators. They are highly profitable and, according to the Truist survey, 75% of respondents bet on them.

However, 39% of respondents said they are reducing this type of betting, while only 20% are increasing their use.

In the iGaming scene, DraftKings leads with 27% preference, followed by FanDuel (18%) and BetMGM (14%). Caesars Entertainment also performed solidly, earning 15% customer preference across its iGaming and sports betting apps.

Research shows that players prefer to play at an online casino on the same platform where they bet on sports. In other words, clearly showing the importance of cross-selling and customer retention.

This explains Caesars Entertainment‘s good result and how it can benefit online gaming platforms.

In short, the sports betting market in the United States is constantly evolving. Therefore, the fierce competition between brands promises to bring benefits to consumers. More competition, more promotions, gaming options and a more enhanced sports betting experience.