Foto: Yuri Augusto/SEES

In a significant move for sports and the lottery sector, Lottopar and the Paraná Sports Secretariat signed a technical cooperation agreement to promote responsible gaming and strengthen public sports policies in the state.

Focus on responsible gaming and lottery management

The agreement, signed on November 16, has the main objective of promoting Responsible Gaming. It seeks to exchange information between government bodies and implement actions to prevent fraud. Thus ensuring the safety of bettors and athletes.

Furthermore, it aims to create a safe and legally stable environment for bettors and betting administrators in Paraná.

The agreement is described as an effort to “strengthen public sports policies and the management of lottery exploration, administration and inspection within the State of Paraná, aiming to raise awareness regarding Responsible Gaming”.

Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, highlighted the importance of collaboration: “In this agreement, we are combining Lottopar’s expertise in managing the lottery market with the expertise of the Secretariat of Sport in sports management to have the ideal scenario to improve policies sports and also publicity and awareness policies for Responsible Gaming”.

Responsible gaming and safe gaming

The concept of Responsible Gaming and Safe Gaming, as defined by Lottopar, includes a series of actions and good practices.

These involve informing about the real probabilities of wins and losses, advising bettors to bet in moderation, avoiding bets by those under 18, and prohibiting payment of bets with a credit card to prevent debt.

Lottopar determined these measures as part of a set of actions that follow good practices adopted worldwide.

Agreement participants

The event was attended by several authorities. The list includes Secretary of State for Sport, Helio Wirbiski; the CEO of Lottopar, Daniel Romanowski; and the CEO of Paraná Esporte, Walmir da Silva Matos.

The presence of these leaders highlights the importance of the agreement and the state’s commitment to Responsible Gaming.

Impact and future expectations

This agreement is a milestone in promoting safer and more responsible gaming in Paraná. It represents a concerted effort to balance the fun and entertainment provided by gambling with the need to protect citizens from harmful practices.

Finally, the expectation is that this partnership will bring positive results both for the betting sector and for the development of sport in the state.