City hall of Porto Alegre plans to start operations of the municipal lottery in January 2024
Photo: Giulian Serafim / City Hall of Porto Alegre

The Municipality of Porto Alegre published a decree with the rules for operating the municipal lottery, in an extra edition of the Official Gazette. The next step will be to structure a concession notice so that one or more private groups assume the right to exploit the service. But, players will need to wait a while before they can bet. The prediction is that the lottery will only be launched in January of next year.

“There are still no definitions of how the draw will be, what format, what types of games will be used, whether sports or the traditional ticket, whether it will be weekly, biweekly or monthly”, explained the secretary of Modernization and Project Management of Porto Alegre , Alexandre Borck.

Now, the city hall moves on to the particularities of the lottery, so that the public notice can be published, which should occur by May. The role of the city hall will be to supervise and receive the resources in order to transfer the values, above all, to the public transport of the city.

“One of the things is that the lottery has all kinds of access. From betting at lottery outlets, newsstands, authorized agents, to online betting on cell phones as Caixa Econômica Federal offers”, he clarified.

In addition to the city hall, the service will be inspected by auditing bodies. According to Zero Hora, the group that accredits itself will need to present all the security certifications so that it can offer this type of game.

“What we are certain of is that, today, Porto Alegre invests R$ 100 million in public transport. If (this lottery) is successful, we will be able to contribute more than this resource so that the municipality has a more adjusted passage. Also so that we can do this very important work on accessibility”, said Borck.

Regarding the competitiveness of the betting sector, the city hall works with three factors to enhance the lottery: investment by the concessionaire in media to promote and structure the lottery; social nature involved and word of mouth among the population.

“Therefore, our concern with all types of accesses. It’s just like the Mega Sena, we already know that on that day we have to go to the lottery or download the app. So, giving people this access makes it a lot easier”, concluded the secretary.

The municipal lottery decree

The decree published with the norms for the exploitation of the Porto Alegre lottery establishes that 50% of the net income be passed on to finance the public transport system, 35% for the financing of actions and programs and the contribution of resources to fund the policy public urban mobility; and another 15% need to be turned to actions and projects for accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities or the elderly.

The decree also creates a management committee formed by the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development and Tourism (SMDET), the Mayor’s Office, the Municipal Attorney General’s Office (PGM), the Municipal Secretariat of Finance (SMF) and the Extraordinary Secretariat for Modernization and Project Management ( SECEXMGP).

Only a legally constituted company, with headquarters and administration in Brazil, can be authorized to explore lottery modalities, in accordance with the law. The City Hall, directly or through partnership, concession or permission, will need to use security systems against adulteration or contracting of lottery tickets.

State lottery

It is important to note that Governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) relaunched the Rio Grande do Sul State Lottery (Lotergs) in 2021. However, the service has not yet started operating. The government’s expectation was that the lottery would reach net income of R$ 3 billion to the public coffers over two decades. The goal was to release the games by the end of last year, at 9,000 points of sale throughout the state.