Apostas esportivas
Imagem: Agência Brasil / Lula Marques

The discussion on the regulation of sports betting, defined by Law 14,790 of 2023, remains highlighted in the Senate in 2024. But a project recently caught attention and is ready for inclusion on the Sports Commission (CEsp) agenda.

The project seeks to prohibit the participation of celebrities in advertising sports betting at sporting events (PL 3,405/2023).

Sports betting is still a topic of great debate

The project, presented by senator Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE), aims to protect ordinary citizens from possible emotional or financial harm resulting from betting.

Girão proposed restrictions on the participation of people considered celebrities or with power to influence bettors, such as athletes, presenters and commentators.

In addition to PL 3,405/2023, five other projects are ready for inclusion on the CEsp agenda.

Law 14,790 of 2023, which regulated sports betting, comes from PL 3,626/2023, from the Executive, and establishes rules for fixed-odd bets, known as bets, where the bettor knows at the time of betting what the betting rate is.

Senator Nelsinho Trad (PSD-MS) proposed PL 5,926/2019, which establishes the Transparency Program for Video and Audio Assistant Referees in Brazilian football, ready for discussion in the commission.

In other words, the project foresees the instantaneous dissemination of videos and audios from the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) to provide more transparency to football.

Sports Incentives

Thus, two projects deal with incentives provided for in the Sports Incentive Law (Law 11,438, of 2006):

  • PL 2207/2022, which prohibits the use of tax incentive resources in projects that already have the capacity to attract investment.
  • PL 2200/2022, which seeks to allow citizens to propose projects to capture tax incentives for sporting activities.

But PL 4,974/2023 deals with the National Policy for the Promotion of Physical Activity for the Elderly, aiming to reduce functional dependence and improve the health of this age group.

While PL 2,127/2019 recognizes poker, snooker and chess as sporting practices, expanding the concept of sport in the country.

Therefore, regulation and transparency in betting, sports incentives and the promotion of other forms of physical activity will also remain highlighted this year.