Carlos Bolsonaro criticizes proposal to tax sports betting on the prize
Photo: Renan Olaz/CMRJ

Son of former president Jair Bolsonaro and councilor of Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Bolsonaro criticized the proposal to tax sports betting on the prize. On social networks, the councilor used an image with the following caption: “Sports betting winners will have to pay 30% tax on the prize”.

In the caption of the post, Carlos Bolsonaro highlighted the emergence of ‘more fees’ and that the public should not be limited to the version presented by the federal government’s communication office.

“Calm down, there’s more to come, a lot more fees around! Don’t let the ex-convict’s press office manipulate you,” wrote the councilor.

Carlos Bolsonaro’s criticism refers to the provisional measure (PM) that should be announced soon by the Ministry of Finance. The intention is to define the regulation and taxation of sports betting for both operators and players.

According to the minister of the portfolio, Fernando Haddad, the MP should be forwarded to the Federal Congress in the coming weeks.

Sports betting taxation project for operators and bettors

Following the provisional measure, gamblers will have to pay a tax burden of 30% on the amounts received as a prize during sporting events. However, the government claimed that it will grant an exemption for prizes that fall within the Income Tax-free income range, which is currently R$ 1,903.98.

Companies operating in the betting sector will be required to pay a fee of BRL 30 million to the federal government to obtain a license valid for five years and to bear a tax burden of 15% on profit, after the distribution of prizes. . In addition, operators will need to establish headquarters in Brazil, hire Brazilian employees and present a capital stock of at least 100 thousand reais.

Both bookmakers and organizations providing payment methods will have to be accredited by the government.