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PayBrokers, leader and reference in the Brazilian instant payments market, was present at ICE London 2024, the largest gaming and betting event in the world, which took place on the 6th, 7th and 8th of February and was attended by 45 thousand people, 1,200 Brazilians and the participation of exhibitors from 76 countries.

PayBrokers and Brazilians gain prominence

“We are at ICE London proving to be one of the most important fairs in the world. Everyone continues to keep an eye on Brazil, even more so at this time of regulation and security in the Brazilian market”, said Edson Lenzi, CEO of PayBrokers

“Our positioning is to show the service and professionalism that this industry will have in Brazil and has already been treated like this in recent years”, he added.

One of the highlights was the panel “Order and Progress, analyzing the new regulatory environment for gaming in Brazil”, which debated the process of regulating online betting in the country and provided good information about the process during the lecture given by the special advisor to the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance, José Francisco Manssur.

PayBrokers has launched a product that promises to revolutionize fast payments for operators who work with the company: FastPix. The tool has already finished its testing phase and will begin to be implemented in February.

Thus, the solution promises to reduce check-out time by 80% and the number of clicks for a bettor to complete a payment by up to 70%.

Furthermore, the bettor can count on all security and transaction checks carried out by PayBrokers.

Reducing time and bureaucracy for the end consumer is a strong ally for increasing first deposit conversion.

After all, this generates recurring revenue and more effective customer conversion for the affiliates of operators who process payments with PayBrokers.

Steps to the future

In addition to the robust resources for financial transactions, PayBrokers is fully prepared to operate in the imminent regulated Brazilian gaming and betting market. All products are easy to use and are within a safe environment.

The company’s compliance is focused on strengthening anti-fraud and anti-money laundering policies and even has facial recognition technology.

In other words, companies of all sizes can benefit from PayBrokers as a financial partner.

The group understands the complexities of the Brazilian market and is equipped to face the challenges imposed by this scenario with innovative and efficient solutions.

Acquisition of PagFast

Days before the start of ICE London 2024, PayBrokers announced the acquisition of a stake in PagFast, a Brazilian service provider that operates in the betting and lottery payments market.

Therefore, the negotiation is part of the strategic project to strengthen PayBrokers in the sports betting, lotteries and gaming segment.

Thus, teams from both companies were present at the ICE London 2024 stand, with around 20 people. This was the last year the fair was held in London. In 2025, it will be in Barcelona.