For Alessandro Valente, the BiS 2021 will show the reactive power of the global industry

The Brazilian iGaming Summit (BIS), scheduled for December 1st and 2nd this year in São Paulo, will be the only face-to-face event in the country since the beginning of the pandemic and the most important for the lottery, affiliation, casinos and all market the betting verticals.

The stage for the first edition will be Espaço Boulevard JK, International Plaza Building, in São Paulo, right in the heart of São Paulo’s commercial center.

The convention will also allow the re-encounter of national and international players, as well as bringing together operators, politicians, authorities, suppliers, specialists and personalities of the segment, aiming to debate the next steps of the regulatory process and present insights for the strengthening of the segment in Brazil.

Expectations for the first edition of the betting event

The BiS organization team is made up of professionals who know deeply and have been working for years in the market, such as Alessandro Valente, co-founder of Super Afiliados and one of the creators of the betting event.

“There are several factors that I consider important for holding an event like the Brazilian iGaming Summit, but one of the main reasons is to be able to meet our industry colleagues, reactivate some contacts and meet new figures that emerged during the time of the pandemic. In Brazil, for example, some operators that worked in the offline market, migrated to the digital model and will come to the event for the first time”, he declared.

Valente also described the expectation of returning to a face-to-face meeting with the world industry in 2021. “In view of all the global chaos caused by the pandemic, this event is, without a doubt, the best opportunity and a clear demonstration that we are reacting and overcoming the difficult moment that also hit our industry”.

For this first edition, he revealed his goal: “The expectation is to reach at least numbers similar to those that occurred in the events of the BgC, which was annually organized by Clarion Brasil, until the end of its activities in the country. If we can even reach the numbers of the BgC, then it will have been a huge success”.

Alessandro Valente assesses advances in Brazilian market regulation

With years of dedication to the sector, Alessandro Valente gave his opinion on the consequences of the regulatory process in the Brazilian betting market.

“Slow, crooked and unfair. The slowness is clear and does not need arguments to explain what is so obvious, since the fact that it is crooked in my opinion is because it does not include everything that this market really means, leaving out important activities such as betting on casino games for example , it’s an impressive waste of opportunity,” he said.

And he added: “Regarding the point about injustice, I think that because it is a project that leaves a lot of people out, as regulation is being proposed, there will not be an open and free market as it should be, only a few will be left with the government concession and that is not what I believe should happen”.

However, the co-founder of Super Afiliados highlighted that BiS 2021 tends to be extremely relevant as it fosters dialogue between the government and businesspeople in the sector.

“Once again, it will bring to the stage important figures from the government and national politics, to deal with this matter in an open way, giving the opportunity for businessmen in the sector to inquire about those who live somewhat distant from the reality of the streets and the business environment”, he concluded.

It is worth emphasizing that all information about the event and the complete agenda can be found on the official website: