Com apoio do Esportes da Sorte, Athetico-PR promove ação para enfeitar praça para o Natal
Foto: Raphael/Esportes da Sorte

With the intention of becoming a prominent Christmas destination, Curitiba witnessed the transformation of one of its main squares, a symbol of the period. The action is promoted by Athletico-PR together with sponsors Esportes da Sorte and Ligga.

Until January 7th, Praça Afonso Botelho will have a new look, with themed decoration, as well as other attractions.

In addition to decoration, new attractions will be implemented on site, such as a kids area, pet space, food court, Christmas fair and music festival.

The square, which is recognized for sporting activities and for being one of the city’s Christmas entertainment spots, will also feature lights on trees, in addition to the erection of a Christmas tree.

Activations during the Christmas period

Among the activations of the sponsoring companies during the period in which the decoration will be maintained, while the brands will be highlighted simultaneously on LED panels on the Christmas tree.

They will also be mentioned in presentations at the music festival and will be displayed on other decorations and informational totems.

“For us, it is a source of great satisfaction to be part of this action that will decorate one of the main Christmas squares in the city of Curitiba, to spread the Christmas spirit and strengthen tourism in the region”, comments Ícaro Quinteiro, COO of Esportes da Sorte.

“Athletico is a great partner of ours. It will be an immense pleasure to have our brand displayed in front of people who come to see this new decoration and enjoy the attractions that we will promote”, added Quinteiro.

With support from Esportes da Sorte, Athetico-PR promotes action to decorate the square for Christmas

Among the cultural attractions, there will be local bands and theater actors, who will perform on stage and bring Christmas songs and plays in different styles.

The square will also feature a gastronomic fair, which will be an opportunity to create an immersive experience celebrating the cultural diversity of Christmas flavors and traditions.

About Esportes da Sorte

Esportes da Sorte currently sponsors major national football clubs such as Athletico-PR, Bahia, Goiás, Grêmio, ABC, América-RN, Guarani, Londrina, Novorizontino, Vila Nova-GO, among others.

In addition, it has partnerships with Copa São Paulo, Campeonato Paulista and X1 Brazil Combate, the largest one-to-one event in Brazil.

In the entertainment sector, the company has ties to a series of personalities. Therefore, the list includes Carlinhos Maia, influencer Deolane Bezerra, influencer Virginia, singer Zé Felipe, influencer Cristian Bell, among others.