Esportes da Sorte
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The journey of Ronald Lopes, who transformed himself from an Uber driver to an iconic figure in the world of iGaming, is a source of inspiration and a testament to the power of determination and innovation. Under his visionary leadership, Grupo Loyalty, pioneer in the iGaming affiliate market, creator of the revolutionary Affiliabety, now joins Esportes da Sorte.

This partnership represents a milestone in the market, symbolizing not only the continuity of the Loyalty Group’s legacy, but also the promise of a fairer and more transparent future for iGaming.

Four years ago, Ronald, with his first Telegram signal room in Brazil, Futmilionário, established himself as a pioneer in the infoproducts market, attracting more than 100,000 digital marketing affiliates.

With innovations such as automatic software, signal generators and trading robots, the company stood out for offering not only profitable products, but also enriching experiences for customers, even before adopting iGaming affiliate links.

The launch of Affiliabety was a milestone, bringing a comprehensive training model for iGaming beginners and professionals. The success was immediate, with more than 7 thousand students generating a total of more than 13 million reais in commissions, in addition to another 53 millionaires formed outside of this account.

However, the lack of regulation in the Brazilian betting market has created an environment conducive to dishonest practices and scams, raising significant ethical questions.

Partnership with Esportes da Sorte

Given this scenario, Ronald Lopes, founder and president of Grupo Loyalty, considered the future of the project. The solution came with the strategic partnership with Esportes da Sorte, which, in addition to reinforcing the commitment to ethics and transparency, perfectly aligns with the imminent regulation of the betting market in Brazil.

The union between Affiliabety and Esportes da Sorte represents more than a corporate merger; It is the birth of a new paradigm in iGaming. This is a commitment to a fair, honest and transparent market, where betting operations are purely for entertainment, free from manipulation by dishonest affiliates. Affiliates, in turn, are guaranteed fair remuneration, as long as they operate with integrity.

Affiliabety, now under the Sports of Sorte umbrella, is not just training; is the vehicle for a renewed and ethical era in iGaming. With this union, we are defining a promising future for the betting affiliation market, establishing new standards of integrity and responsibility.

“This is a defining moment for both the Loyalty Group and the iGaming market as a whole. Our journey, from the creation of Futmilionário to the conception of Affiliabety, has always been guided by pioneering spirit and innovation.

However, we face significant challenges due to a lack of regulation in the Brazilian market, which has led to questionable practices and undermined trust in our industry. This union with Esportes da Sorte represents not only an opportunity to reinvigorate Affiliabety, but also to redefine ethical and transparency standards in iGaming.

As I reflected on the impact of our work, I realized that our true legacy is not just measured by financial successes, but by the integrity with which we conduct our business.

At Esportes da Sorte, we are committed to establishing a fair and safe betting environment for everyone involved, from players to affiliates. We are setting the path to a future where iGaming is synonymous with trust, fun and responsibility.

The upcoming regulation is a long-awaited milestone. It will provide a solid foundation for us to build a more robust and respectable market. This is the time to leave shady practices behind and embrace a new era of transparency and ethics in iGaming. I’m proud to lead this change and look forward to seeing what the future holds for our industry.”

With these words, Ronald Lopes reaffirms the commitment of Grupo Loyalty and Esportes da Sorte to the continuous evolution of the iGaming market. The union of these two forces promises not only to transform the way betting is seen and carried out in Brazil, but also to establish a model to be followed globally.