PL da legalização do jogo no Brasil ganha relator e entra em pauta de comissão do Senado
Foto: Marcos Oliveira / Agência Senado

The bill that provides for the legalization of gambling in Brazil was included in a session of the Senate Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ). The meeting will take place this Wednesday, 29th, at 10 am.

Furthermore, the proposal gained a rapporteur: Senator Irajá (PSD/TO). The information appears on the Federal Senate Committees’ legislative activity website.

Irajá Silvestre Filho is from Goiânia (GO) and serves on several House committees such as Economic Affairs Committees, Regional Development and Tourism Committee, Education and Culture Committee, Infrastructure Services Committee, Mixed Plans Committee, Public Budgets and Inspection, among others.

The gambling legalization project in Brazil “provides for the exploitation of gaming and betting throughout the national territory; amends Law No. 7,291, of December 19, 1984; and revokes Decree-Law No. 9,215, of April 30, 1946, and provisions of Decree-Law No. 3,688, of October 3, 1941 (Criminal Misdemeanors Law), and Law No. 10,406, of January 19, 2002 (Civil Code)”.

It is worth noting that this proposal was approved in the Chamber of Deputies at the beginning of 2022, but made little progress in the Senate.

According to the House’s official website, the proposal received amendments authored by Senator Jorge Kajuru on July 10, 2023, as well as another amendment by Senator Carlos Viana this Monday, November 27.

Legalization of Gambling in Brazil is supported by parliamentarians

The project that provides for the legalization of gambling allows the operation of bingos and casinos on Brazilian soil. The current Minister of Tourism, Celso Sabino (União-PA) is a supporter of the project.

According to O Globo, Sabino said that the project contributes to the tourism sector and stated that “the majority of the government” with whom he spoke is in favor.

In May, the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), sent the project to the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ). The CCJ is led by Davi Alcolumbre (União-AP), and is also in favor of regulating activities.

Legalization of gambling in Brazil gains rapporteur and enters Senate committee agenda
President of the Senate, senator Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) and senator Davi Alcolumbre (União-AP). Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Agência Senado

Recently, Pacheco cited the regulation of sports betting and the legalization of gambling as ways to maintain the tax regime.

“We will listen to Minister Fernando Haddad, have all the attention as we always have. We will vote on projects that support the tax regime, offshores, exclusive funds, sports betting, and eventually the legalization of gaming itself.”

“We will have full dialogue, but considering the deadline we have, we will pay attention to this and resolve it by December 31st”, he concluded.