Ludopatia um problema que precisa passar longe do seu site

The online gaming and betting market is booming in Brazil. According to data from Datafolha Research, 15% of the Brazilian population says they have already bet online. The average monthly expenditure among all people who bet is R$263, that is, an amount equivalent to 20% of the 2023 minimum wage.

Three in ten bettors spend more than R$100 per month, according to the survey. This exponential growth opens doors for new businesses, but also brings with it the challenge of ensuring a safe and responsible gaming environment.

What is ludopathy?

Ludopathy, also known as pathological gambling, is a mental disorder characterized by loss of control over gambling behavior. A person with ludopathy becomes obsessed with gambling, even if it causes financial, social and family losses.

The more bets the better? It’s not quite like that

Of course, we all want to have betting websites with lots of movement and profits. However, the bettor who begins to have problems controlling his conduct is not interesting to anyone. Ludopathy can have several negative consequences for your betting site, such as:

Damage to brand image

A betting website associated with negligence in controlling player behavior can have its image tarnished, which can lead to the loss of customers and a drop in revenue.

Legal problems

Betting websites that do not take measures to prevent gambling may be held liable for damages caused to players.

Rising costs

Operations that deal with gamblers with gambling disorders may experience increased customer support and anti-fraud costs.

How to prevent gambling on your betting site?

Our company, Control F5, entered into a partnership with Previneo, a pioneering company in Brazil specialized in disease prevention through AI algorithms. They are responsible for developing Ludriq, a new tool on the market, focused on preventing excessive behavior in relation to gambling.

Ludriq is a predictive tool, capable of providing a reliable risk assessment of individuals who could potentially develop problems in their relationship with gaming and betting.

Its algorithms were developed by Dr. Carlos Augusto Maranhão de Loyola, a psychiatrist specialized in clinical psychiatry, chemical dependency and forensic psychiatry. Ludriq is based on scientific studies and considers the peculiarities of the Brazilian population.

With the regulation of the betting market in Brazil in full swing, Responsible Gaming policies have become essential to operate in the market. Ludriq allows the user to carry out a self-assessment based on reliable algorithms and with the security that their data is processed by an independent company,

From now on, companies interested in adapting to new regulations and adhering to the best online gambling practices in Brazil must make their customers aware of how to bet responsibly, understand their limits, moderate their risks and offer a controlled and safe environment. In this scenario, Ludriq is an essential tool to support this entire process.

Therefore, gambling disorder is a serious problem that can have several negative consequences for your betting site. However, today our market is fully capable of dealing with these issues in a completely appropriate and responsible way.

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