BetMGM gasta US$ 50 milhões em anúncio no Super Bowl

The BetMGM betting app, owned by the group that owns the MGM Casino, invested heavily in a commercial shown during Super Bowl LVIII, the US football league final, spending around US$50 million (R$250 million).

The ad, planned two years ago, featured stars such as Tom Brady, former NFL player and seven-time Super Bowl winner.

BetMGM made one of the most expensive advertisements in the world

The cost of advertising during the Super Bowl reached US$7 million (R$35 million) per 30 seconds on air. However, the total value of the BetMGM commercial was much higher, as it included:

  • Celebrity fees
  • Early action on the internet
  • Projection on the streets of Las Vegas, host city of MGM and the decisive match

The event usually attracts more than 100 million viewers, with the 2023 edition surpassing 115 million.

In the match, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the final seconds.

The audience expectation was even greater due to singer Taylor Swift’s fans, known as “swifties”. The singer, girlfriend of Chiefs player Travis Kelce, was present at the event.

Therefore, advertisers focused on the female audience, which represents a significant portion of NFL viewers.

Brands such as Drumstick, Robert Kraft, PepsiCo, Etsy, Lindt, Elf Cosmetics, M&Ms, Budweiser and Google had commercials aired during the sports broadcast.

The Dove brand highlighted girls playing sports, while Astellas promoted a product for menopause.

The Super Bowl is known for its expensive commercials, like Amazon‘s 2022 one starring Scarlett Johansson, which ran for 130 seconds.

In 2020, commercials from Google and Amazon had already cost more than US$16 million just to air.

Therefore, BetMGM joins that select group of advertisers who dare to showcase their products and services in the immense showcase that is the Super Bowl.