The Minas Gerais Football Federation (FMF) established a strategic partnership with Sportradar Integrity Services.

The company is a global leader in technology and sports integrity solutions, aiming to preserve the integrity of competitions in five distinct categories.

The recently signed agreement reinforces the mutual commitment to ensuring transparency, fairness in competitions and the interest in integrity with sport.

Through the Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS), the Mineiro Módulo I, Mineiro Feminino, Mineiro Módulo II, Second Division and Mineiro U20 matches. Therefore, all matches will be strictly monitored over the next three years.

Adriano Aro, president of the FMF, emphasized the importance of this partnership to maintain fair play. “The Minas Gerais Federation will always be a tireless defender of integrity in football and society.

We are committed to detecting and preventing any threats that could compromise our competitions. We are pleased to extend this collaboration in favor of the sport we love so much”, he declared.

Details of the partnership between FMF and Sportradar

To effectively combat possible fraud, prevention is essential. Clubs, athletes, referees, coaches and others involved will participate in educational workshops, aiming to increase their awareness of match-fixing.

In addition to continuous monitoring, the partnership will allow FMF to provide specific integrity workshops for participants in the competitions mentioned in the agreement.

Therefore, these seminars will address personalized educational content, using interactive methods and real situations to illustrate the potential risks and characteristics of match-fixing.

During these events, Sportradar will provide valuable insights based on its extensive global experience in monitoring, detecting and investigating match-fixing in different parts of the world.

Finally, this collaboration between FMF and Sportradar reinforces the mutual commitment to guaranteeing the integrity and credibility of football competitions in Minas Gerais.