Foto: Divulgação/CBF

The third phase of Operation Maximum Penalty, initiated by the Public Ministry of Goiás, reignited a crucial debate: the involvement of bookmakers in match-fixing.

Contrary to some perceptions, these companies are, in fact, the most affected by such practices.

Vulnerability of bookmakers

Guilherme Buso, sports and betting leader at Genius Sports, explains that bookmakers base their calculations on statistics and histories, using advanced technology to define odds.

These odds reflect what happens during the game, but are vulnerable to privileged information or prior arrangements.

“If someone has privileged information, or if someone has arranged something that will happen in the game, that person now has an absurd advantage over the bookmakers”, explains Buso in an interview with the Lance! portal.

Financial impact on bookmakers

According to the Genius Sports representative, there is a significant financial impact for bookmakers in cases of manipulation.

“If an odd pays ten times the value of the bet, someone can transform R$100 into R$1000 with this privileged information, which goes against the essence of the game.

In the end, the bookmaker is the biggest loser, as it is the one who bears this expense”, he added.


Statements by Thairo Arruda and the need for awareness

Recently, Thairo Arruda, CEO of Botafogo, expressed his intention to report alleged refereeing errors in the 2023 Brazilian Championship to the Public Ministry.

He suggested that the referees may have been involved in betting schemes. However, Buso argued that clubs, managers and leagues must act to prevent manipulation.

“It is essential that leagues act proactively, raising awareness among athletes, coaches and managers about sports betting,” he claimed.

Technology and integrity in sports betting

Genius Sports, specialized in transforming sports data into odds, and the Brazilian Association for the Defense and Integrity of Sports work together to guarantee the integrity of bets.

Bookmakers provide crucial information, identifying outlier bets. Genius Sports monitors all bets and markets, issuing alerts for suspicious activity.

Analysis process and proactive action

After detecting discrepancies, Genius Sports begins a detailed assessment, and the resulting reports are sent to the federations.

Subsequently, federations can investigate possible manipulations, analyzing whether the cases are technically consistent or atypical.

This unified approach is essential to preserving sporting integrity and acting quickly in the face of threats.

The fight against match-fixing in sport is complex, but essential. Bookmakers, alongside organizations like Genius Sports, play a crucial role in detecting and preventing these practices.