Casas de apostas online desenvolvidas pela BSGaming atingem alta escala em parceria com a Suitpay

Fortunately for bookmaker owners, the world of online betting has experienced exponential growth in recent months, driven by high user demand and the excellent financial profitability offered by the iGaming market.

In this scenario, BSGAMING, a leading company in the development of iGaming platforms, has stood out as one of the highest performing and easiest developers on the market.

In a strategic partnership with SuitPay, BSGAMING has achieved a substantial increase in scale within its developed platforms, enhanced by the operational efficiency of a complete payment processing system offered by SuitPay.

BSGAMING’s innovation in the iGaming market

Since its founding in 2020, BSGAMING has stood out as an innovative company, specializing in the development of betting house platforms and iGaming gaming systems.

Its commitment to high performance and user security has placed the company in a privileged position in the highly competitive online betting market.

BSGAMING offers a comprehensive business model, focusing on creating optimized and simple to administer systems. Its platform stands out for its real-time integration with SuitPay’s exclusive payment gateway, providing users with speed, security and confidence.

With a strong customer base that includes digital influencers and entrepreneurs, the company has been recognized for its ability to support the diverse demands of the iGaming sector, with a team fully specialized in online betting.

Elevating the payment experience with SuitPay

In the midst of this scenario, the partnership with SuitPay comes as an extremely strategic differentiator for BSGAMING.

SuitPay, a technology company specializing in online payment processing, offers a complete ecosystem of financial solutions that facilitates developers’ entire operations.

From Internet Banking to the Pix API for instant payments, SuitPay provides a comprehensive set of services that improve the financial operation of online betting houses that want more agility and performance in the safe and effective management of large volumes of transactions.

How SuitPay powers BSGAMING bookmakers

  • Ease of Payments:
  • SuitPay, with the optimized PIX API, allows bookmaker customers to register, deposit and withdraw funds instantly and without complications, with an exclusive banking system and international exchange that carries out transactions without barriers.
  • Accelerated Payment Gateway:
  • The integration of SuitPay’s Payment Gateway offers a fast and transparent payment experience, instantly reporting all movements to your platform through our Webhook technology, optimizing transactions for users of platforms developed by BSGAMING.
  • SuitCard – Prepaid Cards:
  • SuitPay prepaid cards provide a secure solution for transactions and expense management, facilitating investment in advertising campaigns to attract more interested audiences.
  • Payment Split:
  • The Split payment solution offered by SuitPay for BSGAMING represents a significant advance in the financial and operational management of online betting platforms. This exclusive functionality provides an efficient and automatic way to divide the revenue generated by the bookmaker between BSGAMING and its customers, ensuring that each party receives their correct share of the revenue.
  • Banking System Integrated with the Gateway
  • SuitPay offers a banking system fully integrated with the payment gateway, with detailed reports on PIX transactions generated instantly in online betting houses, allowing BSGaming customers to have a detailed view of transactions and optimize their movements.

Competitive rates for the industry:

BSGAMING customers can enjoy notably lower rates compared to standard market rates thanks to SuitPay’s advanced technology.

This differentiation not only boosts the profitability of online betting platforms developed by BSGAMING, but also positions the company as a strategic partner committed to providing tangible benefits to its customers.

Successful partnership between BSGaming and Suitpay

The partnership between BSGAMING and SuitPay is a shining example of how strategic collaboration can drive success in a dynamic market.

The online betting houses developed by BSGAMING, leveraging SuitPay’s comprehensive and innovative solutions, are reaching new levels of scale and operational efficiency.

This marriage of technological expertise and advanced financial solutions is shaping the new generation of digital businesses in the iGaming scene in Brazil and beyond, to learn more about SuitPay and how it can scale your platform, click here!