Plataforma de afiliados 7K.Partners premia usuário com carro avaliado em R$ 1 milhão
Foto: Divulgação/ Bet7k

7k Partners, Bet7k’s membership platform, recently recognized exceptional affiliate performance through its awards program.

In an appreciation initiative, the company presented a member who exceeded the targets established for Initial Deposits (FTDs) with a luxurious Porsche Panamera, valued at R$1 million.

“We are very pleased with the success of the affiliate program, which is one of the largest in Brazil”, said Talita Lacerda, CEO of Bet7k.

“Our difference is having the best incentives on the market and this award is an extraordinary milestone in the program, where we recognize the partners who stood out the most and achieved exceptional results”, he added.

The action not only aims to reward the notable performance of affiliates, but also emphasizes the effectiveness of the program as a whole, demonstrating the commitment of both Bet7k and its associates to achieving and exceeding the established goals.

Bet7k, as part of its expansion strategies in Brazil, has implemented several actions, the affiliate program being one of them.

With an exclusive platform, members have easy access to account statistics, being able to view not only the results achieved, but also data such as accumulated commission and payments received.

By recognizing outstanding partners, Bet7k strengthens its commitment to providing a robust and rewarding affiliate program.

The significant award not only represents an achievement for the honored affiliate, but also highlights the culture of excellence and recognition within the betting platform.

About 7K.Partners

7K.Partners, recognized as the main affiliate program in Brazil, has a solid presence in casino and sports betting.

The platform provides high-quality materials, videos and strategies, resulting in an increase in conversion compared to other sites.

Its intuitive interface makes it easy to track earnings and monitor performance in real time.

Furthermore, 7K.Partners stands out by offering exclusive prizes such as cash bonuses, game tickets and even event sponsorships.

Considered a solid partnership, the platform currently offers a variety of tools and services to help business growth. Thus, an increase in profits while providing a comprehensive and beneficial membership experience.